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Follow the instructions and make corrections according to the comments;
Using your Creswell book, select one of the three scriipts below (the selection depends on your choice of research methodology (quantitative, qualitative,
mixed methods).
Step 1: Using your problem statement, develop the purpose statement for your study. See the scriipts on pages p. 119 (Qualitative), p. 124 (Quantitative), p.
127 (Mixed Methods).
Step 2: Because you have selected a research design, provide a justification for your research design chosen. Why do you believe this method will be more
effective for your problem and purpose?
Step 3: Target Population – who will be the possible participants in your study (i.e., automotive, salaried employees who have been asked to exit the
company in the last six months of employment)?
Step 4: What will be the setting or participant situation (i.e., employees one year after they have exited the company in a neutral setting).
I put this in the canvas.doc viewer; however, I want to make sure you see this. Your problem statement is still not stated in a way that makes your intent clear.
I believe your problem statement is: The problem is the barriers and stigmas associated with hiring U.S. immigrants who have graduated from higher
educational institutions.
Going forward, I would like to see you integrate this statement into your purpose and rationale for consistency.
The only gap I noted here was the determination of the primary versus secondary nature of your resources.
Use current resources and add as necessary

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