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Impact of Covid 19 on E-commerce in the USA



Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


Covid19 is a new respiratory illness that can spread from one person to another person very easily.  Citizens of USA understand the important of buying and selling goods online, because it’s for their own safety. Life has changed for many people due to Covid19many e-commerce companies such as Amazon are working day and night because of increased demand from online buyers. Guided by this background, this paper analyzes the impacts of COVID-19 on e-commerce.

                People have learnt to maintain social distancing as a way of slowing the spread of Covid-19. Ecommerce sales are not higher across the country but some company have taken the opportunity to increase the sales and double the profit, it happens especially for online sellers of household goods, food and beverage, luxury goods and groceries. Covid 19 in USA has result to know how men and women spent on online shopping, men have found to be shopping online more often than women and they avoid in store experience.

                Ecommerce companies help the people to logins and talk a quick pulse the numbers of blocks also those who have failed to login attempts ,due to covid 19 many companies of ecommerce has improve the lively hood of everyone they have put more energy into improving customers experiences online (this sentence is too long, and somehow unreadable). People uses mobile device because is the most popular device to use for online shopping.

In conclusion business are facing more challenges trying to helped their customers to adopt the new living style, by making sure everyone is safe by staying at home. Millions of online customer changing their behavior but at the same time is saving time and convenience.




It is a relatively good paper but you can improve further. In such papers, you need to point out the benefits realized by e-commerce firms and the disadvantages arising from COVID-19.

Secondly, avoid the small mistakes such as lacking hyphen in Covid-19 and e-commerce.


Kim, R. Y. (2020). The Impact of covid 19 on Consumers preparing for digital sales. IEEE Engineering Management


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