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Your organization is contemplating the purchase of a new human resource information system and has tasked you with formulating a
proposal. Organizational details for you to consider for this assignment are as follows:

There are a total of 500 employees at the site; 450 non-exempt employees who clock in and out each day, and 50 exempt employees
who do not use a time clock and are paid a standard weekly salary.

The organization has an electronic time capture and payroll system already in place that:

  • is manually updated when employees are hired or terminate employment
  • is a stand-alone application, not interacting with any other database system
  • is maintained by two full-time payroll administrators, reporting to one payroll manager

    Human resource records are primarily paper-based.
  • Employee personnel files are maintained in file folders
  • Personnel files are manually updated with demographic, performance, and disciplinary information
  • Demographic data is available currently in an Excel database, which is manually updated
  • Personnel files are maintained by four full-time human resource clerks, who are non-exempt and report to the full-time HR
    The new HRIS system is expected to drive a self-service approach to records management, while also ensuring confidential and proprietary data
    is secure. In a 4–5 page paper with a minimum of three scholarly sources, compare the current human resources data-collection system with at
    least two new HR information systems that are being considered as it relates to costs/benefits and risk. This milestone is due in Module Six.
    This assignment will assess the following course outcomes:

    Evaluate HRIS systems for their ability to meet organizational requirements based on needs assessments

    Contrast and compare HR information systems on the basis of organizational financial requirements

    Determine best practices for balancing the need for open access to data and information contained in an HRIS with the importance of
    protecting proprietary and confidential personal data
    Prompt: Your paper should answer the following: What are the major factors to consider when an organization is considering upgrading or
    implementing a new human resource information system as it relates to project implementation costs and security of confidential data?

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