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  1.  Topic: Vaccination
    Population: Infants
    1) Approved topic (Vaccination) and associated population (Infants) are thoroughly described.
    2) A strong correlation of how the topic adversely affects the selected population is established and discussed in detail.
    3) Relevant health disparities are clearly presented and discussed. Strong evidence and compelling rationale is offered for support.
    Cite at least one peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content.




Subject Nursing Pages 4 Style APA


Importance of Infants Vaccination

The importance of immunization or vaccination transcends protecting infants from infections to securing a healthy future that is free from complications. Veerasingam et al. (2017) contend that vaccinating infants prevents the spread of infections due to allergies, weakened immune systems, and illnesses. Educating new mothers on the importance of vaccination reduces the financial implications incurred in the numerous treatments associated with lack of immunization.

Enhancing mothers’ awareness regarding the importance of vaccination ensures that the children are vaccinated in time and according to their growth. Thompson et al. (2016) notes that vaccinating infants ensures that the body does not mimic any natural infection. Infants are under the continuous care of their mothers who are responsible for their welfare. Therefore, educating new mothers on vaccinations should be a priority for healthcare organizations and medical practitioners. It is imperative for mothers to understand the importance of vaccination such as the reduction of illness severity at a later age.

A core aspect that mothers should understand is when to vaccinate their children and which conditions to focus on at specific time. According to Veerasingam et al. (2017), early vaccination according to the growth schedule activates the child’s immune system as the mothers’ antibodies disappear. In addition, mothers should understand the importance of regular vaccinations such as annual flu shots which protect the young ones from the infection. Key vaccinations to strictly adhere to include Hep B, Tetanus, Polio, Hib, and Measles.

Various factors affect the vaccination process which should be considered in the awareness programs. Cultures and beliefs differ based on demographic factors such as race. Naeem, Imtiaz, Hussain, and Hidayat (2018) espouse that current awareness programs on vaccinations should engage the community while acknowledging their cultures and beliefs. This ensures a high acceptance rate of the vaccination while preventing the ramifications related to lack of vaccination. In addition, culture competence among healthcare providers ensures effective collaboration with diverse communities.

In summary, infant immunization is a critical aspect of promoting children health and preventing illnesses and infections in the future. It is therefore important to enhance the mothers’ awareness regarding the importance of continuous vaccination for all conditions according to the growth schedule while considering the cultural and beliefs of the different communities.



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