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    why studying the Development of Rock Music is important to your overall WMU undergraduate education.



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Importance of Studying Development of Rock Music in Undergraduate Education at WMU

WMU, as a center for academic excellence, provides educational programs geared towards cultivating knowledge and transformation while offering learning opportunities to art genres such as music. While pursuing an undergraduate diploma at WMU, studying the development of rock music is significant in the overall education.

Firstly, studying the development of rock music goes hand in hand with the WMU value of inclusion and vision of encouraging critical thinking and life-long learning. Rock music as a genre of music will help a student feel included in their choice of music while also given room to expand their fondness of the music genre by learning how to compose and write rock music. Therefore, such a student who will feel included for their choice in preference of rock music might even pursue an extra degree in arts at WMU; hence, promoting a well-rounded education.

Secondly, studying the development of rock music is significant in understanding the rich culture and history of the music genre. As a rock music enthusiast, a student will dive into the history of its formation while understanding theories and sub-genres of the genre. Therefore, students will have insights into the history of producing and recording rock music. Ultimately, students appreciate rock music legends and the impact they have on society with their music.

In the end, studying the development of rock music at WMU is in line with the institution’s value of inclusivity and vision of discovery while providing students with an in-depth appreciation of the culture that promotes rock music as an idealistic music genre that encourages growth in career choices as a rock musical artist or composer.




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