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Informatics and technology

How do you use informatics and technology in your nursing practice? How do you see that use changing in the future? What ethical issues have arisen or might rise from the use of technology and informatics in professional nursing? Include clinical experiences to support the discussion






Subject Technology Pages 3 Style APA


Informatics and Technology
Informatics and technology play a significant role in the nursing practice, especially in this era of EHR (Electronic Health Records) (Brennan & Bakken, 2015). In the nursing practice, informatics acts as a link between the science nursing and the art nursing. Informatics enables the practitioner to develop and implement solutions for managing and communicating health information required to provide/offer better quality client/patient care (Brennan & Bakken, 2015). Informatics and technology also enables the practitioner to select, test, and implement systems of healthcare as well as evaluate and maintain such systems.
With the rapid advancement in technology and increasing adoption of the HER in the nursing practiced, the use of informatics and technology will face a significant transformation in the future (Piscotty et al. 2015). In the future, the nursing profession will have to employ IT (Information technology) in the improvement of patient care. As a result, the nursing practice will have to integrate informatics and technology (i.e. health information technology) with the aim of improving outcomes/results in healthcare delivery.
Despite having many benefits to the nursing practice, informatics and technology face certain ethical issues associated with privacy, confidentiality, and security of health information. Protecting a person’s private and personal information from third parties has been a vital issue for nursing. Korhonen et al., (2015) assert that healthcare information involves a collection/gathering of data related to personal aspects of a person’s life. As such, improper disclosure of information can lead to devastating consequences. Patients often believe that their health information will not be disclosed to third parties. However, the emergence of electronic communication and documentation has enhanced the complexity of maintaining the confidentiality/privacy of health information of patients (Korhonen et al. 2015). Improved access to information of healthcare increases the efficiency and enhances patient care, but these benefits are accompanied by greater difficulties when it comes to maintaining confidentiality and privacy.




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