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Choose one of the following scenarios, and produce the requested documents for one scenario
only. Each scenario asks you to prepare a range of documents. Students are responsible for
determining the appropriate genre (email, memo, business letter, etc.) as well as the content of
those documents.
You have been an employee for almost two years with Innovative Residential Solutions, a firm
that provides support services for design and construction of residential and commercial
buildings, and other types of infrastructure. One of your company’s specialties is innovative
security features for multi-use facilities, such as keyless entry for residents.
Innovative Residential Solutions has just released a new sensor that needs to be installed at a
number of buildings the company holds maintenance contracts for across town. The new sensors
update residential entry points so that the resident’s key fobs are functional at a greater distance.
You have been tasked with your first big project. You are to coordinate the replacement of old
sensors with the newly designed ones. Coordinating with your team, you provide all the
necessary parts to do the work. The first stage of replacements–five buildings with 20
replacement points–was completed, but you received a call from the management of those
buildings because residents are reporting they cannot enter the building.
You get in touch with the person who did the replacement, Hagen Smith, and send him back over
to troubleshoot. He lets you know that it was the sensor. The new sensors were not properly
calibrated. Hagen Smith was able to recalibrate the sensors, and resident’s entry problems were
Upon further research, you are able to locate the cause of the problem. At the Research &
Development (R&D) warehouse, a new employee mis-read the sensor labels, resulting in
inaccurate instructions for sensor installation being circulated to your installment team.
Now you have to take steps to ensure the problem does not happen again

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