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    Please answering only 2 questions in the second PDF:
    Analysis of the key interactive issue(s) facing the company; 和 Marketing objective(s) of the plan

    Please check the third document which is the grade rubric, must follow it. This report will be evaluated on your ability to analyze issues, select appropriate strategies and provide professional, marketing-based rationales based on the concepts of interactive marketing。

    Must understand interactive marketing is about how to connect with consumers not the general marketing.

    Must have your own analysis, no need for too much research. The professor want to see your opinion. Must understand the interactive marketing.

    The Assignment Your group is to develop a comprehensive interactive marketing plan for the Daily Food Bank (see separate case).The plan will contain, at a minimum, the following information: – Executive summary including your key findings and recommendation; – Current marketing situation of the company (situation analysis); o at a minimum, this section will include a customer analysis, market analysis and environmental analysis; – Analysis of the key interactive marketing issue(s) facing the company; – Marketing objective(s) of the plan; – Comprehensive interactive marketing strategy recommended – must include target market(s) or group(s), media selection, and the rationale for your all of your recommendations; – Test plan or matrix – to include details on what is being tested (e.g., media, offer, timing or creative), and how test will be conducted including methodology, sample size, projected response rates, etc. – Detailed budget for the plan. Please ensure that you keep your recommendations confined to what would have been feasible given the total budget that has been allocated for the plan. You may do outside research as you see fit, however, you must ensure that all sources used are properly cited, using MLA guidelines. The Deliverable It is expected that your written report will be about 20 pages in length (11 or 12 point font, double spaced), exclusive of title page, appendices, works cited list and attachments. This report will be evaluated on your ability to analyze issues, select appropriate strategies and provide professional, marketing-based rationales based on the concepts of interactive marketing. Evaluation criteria and due dates (presentation and report) will be provided separately. This assignment requires a Peer Evaluation and submission to SafeAssign. Any citations must be in MLA format. This assignment is worth 30% towards your final grade. An in-class group oral presentation will also be required (details to follow).


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Interactive Marketing Issues and Objectives

The preferences of the customers are best addressed when an organization considers using interactive marketing to reach them out, and for this reason, it calls for tactful planning, control and implementation. When an organization implements botched interactive marketing strategies, the customers feel disrespected and hence can have a negative ripple effect on the overall sales volumes of the company. There are various reasons why an organizations may consider implementing interactive marketing strategies. As such, Daily bread food bank organization ought to be attentive to the interactive marketing strategies since their ineffectiveness can detrimentally influence its reachability to the potential consumers.

Firstly, the Daily Bread food bank organization aims at reaching out the poverty stricken Canadians. Such Canadians may not have enough resources to buy internet enabled devices. When such an organization that is aimed at assisting the people who have below average national income, it ought to orchestrate marketing strategies that can ensure that such consumers are reached out. Furthermore, not every person has embraced internet marketing and for this reason, some of the food products consumers actually like touching the product before purchasing. The food bank products may target the elderly and some are not technologically abreast to reach out the information furnished in the internet.

Another issue that is likely to arise during the interactive marketing is the comfort factor of the customer. Some of the potential consumers of the organization products get targeted in accordance with their wishes and wants. Some of the organizations tailor web tools to spy on the browsing history of the customers after which they send ads to their emails or webpage pop-ups. Some of the customers feel that it is an intrusive marketing method that breaches their privacy and gets creepy to their business. As such, technocrats activate their ad blocks in their browsers to keep off potential advertisements by the organizations. When the customers pull off, it becomes very challenging for the organizations to reach them out. On the other hand, it becomes comparatively expensive to orchestrate other measures to reach the customers who pull away from the organization’s reachability through interactive marketing techniques.

Differences in customers’ behavior can botch the interactive marketing strategies. When the marketing strategies are not professionally implemented to reach out the targeted population, the potential product consumers are not likely to take the advertisements seriously. As such, the organization is likely to incur a lot of costs to put its strategies to a professional level. Furthermore, the organization should remain consistent in the manner in which it advertises its product

The interactive marketing strategies can be customized in a manner that the customer leave a feedback or review about the customer services offered and their experiences. Usually, an organization image can be dented if a conspicuous negative feedback by a customer goes viral in the internet. For instance, a negative feedback as result of trivial misunderstanding between the organization and the consumer can severely defame an organization. Consequently, false allegations and negative feedback concerning the organization’s services or product push away the potential customers.

The Marketing Objectives of the plan

  • To significantly reduce the traffic sources bounce rate by fifty percent in the next one fiscal year.
  • To reach out new consumers on a monthly basis by use of Google natural results
  • To ensure that twenty percent of the visitors should be the returning consumers by the end of the fiscal year
  • To improve the organic rate of conversion by thirty percent by in the next six months.




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