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  1.  Introduction to Academic Skills    


    Discuss Information Obtained through Active Listening of Various Sources


Subject Learning Strategies Pages 7 Style APA


Information Obtained through Active Listening of Various Sources

My notes on descriptive writing offer an example of a time when my listening skills allowed me to gain knowledge regarding the nature and value of descriptive communication skills (both in writing and speaking). Some of the key points I noted include:

  • Anything is describable – Fundamental skills required for this kind of communication include the utilization of figurative languages, metaphors, similes, and analogies. Noteworthy is the fact that this knowledge was gained through active listening of my lectures.
  • Effective description paints a picture in a reader’s mind – I must admit that I learnt a great deal of relevant skills through observing how my instructor, and other students applied them in academic discourse. I also made this observation from information


Information Obtained through Reading of Various Sources

            As mentioned earlier, reading holds a valuable role in the development of a learner’s academic skills. I cannot help but acknowledge this reality when reflecting on the notes I made when going through the assigned readings. For instance, I had the opportunity to understand two major concepts required for effective production of academic work. I learnt that:

  • The production process is usually implemented in five major steps, including prewriting, planning and outlining, drafting, redrafting, and proofreading/editing. Failure to read the book, and make these notes would have jeopardized my capacity to understand this major concept academic work production.
  • Effective writing should be analytical and in-depth to enhance its value in the sight of its reader.


Paraphrased and Summarized Information

            Summarizing information is one of the many interesting skills I have learnt in my journey as an academician. I understand that summary development is a process that incorporates major points into a unified explanation that flows coherently. A good example of an instance when I applied this skill is the development of this piece. Inasmuch as academic work covers a broad range of topics and procedures, this report offers a brief portrayal of what it entails. Another example of a unique paraphrased information on academic writing is evident in the succeeding statement. “Academic writing is a fulfilling process if you are equipped with sufficient information and skills.” When viewed from this lens, it is obvious that paraphrasing and summarizing information allows a writer to convey a various points in a brief, yet, conclusive manner.


Appropriate Referencing Technique

            One of my favorite referencing techniques is the APA Style, and it is common among business research papers. Below is an example of a situation in which I implemented this technique.


Mallia, J. (2017). Strategies for developing English academic writing skills. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume, 8.


Task 3 – Academic Research Project


Research Plans

  • I plan to conduct a qualitative investigation of the essential skills that are useful in academic writing.
  • I intend to gain in-depth understanding of how I should present my information in a structured manner.
  • I hope to learn the key concepts with respect to paragraphing and citing relevant information.


Research Process Outline

  1. Primary information was obtained through verbatim transcription of my instructor’s classroom teachings, assigned lecture notes, and observation of competent academicians in their practice (also includes my high-performing classmates).
  2. Secondary information was accessed from the assigned readings in the course library. I prioritized the articles recommended by my tutor.


First Draft of my Research Work


Academic writing is an interesting practice which allows researchers to communicate with their readers in a manner that enhances their grasp of the subject under discussion. As an academician, I am expected to understand what is needed in the presentation of quality information to the readership. One of the most important aspect of this practice is comprehension, and it is largely determined by how I reflect on the question and how I conduct the research using available research platforms such as Google among others.

Another important aspect of academic research is the structuring of information obtained through in-depth research. As an academician, I believe that my capacity to communicate coherently is instrumental in the quality of work I produce. Failure to deliver this information in a meaningful manner prevents it from adding value to the readership, and thus, jeopardizes the entire purpose of any academic endeavor. By now, I am certain that academic skills necessitate a clear understanding of how information can be used to educate people.


Final Draft of my Research Project


Essential Skills in Academic Writing

            Writing is a unique form of expression that allows people to share ideas and concepts regarding relevant matters. Meanwhile, academic writing is an advanced form of communication that places major emphasis on the intellectual enhancement of not only the researcher but also his/her audience. Such a bold claim is fairly affirmed by Drew and Bingham (2010), when they argue that higher education demands a certain scope of professionalism to enhance its outcomes for all vested parties. In the wake of such an interesting realization, the present piece is inspired by the belief that a competent academician should always deliver high-quality content through effective utilization of fundamental skills such as comprehension and report/essay structuring.

            When reflecting on the two skills highlighted in the preceding paragraph, it is fair to allude that they are often instrumental in the delivery of meaningful content in a manner that resonates with the readership. Comprehension is a rather complex term that incorporates various elements of research, including problem assessment (understanding the subject matter), data collection (primary and secondary research), and data analysis (evaluation of collected information) (Godfrey, 2012). Competence at this point enhances an academician’s capacity to master the issue to be discussed.

Nonetheless, comprehension often has insignificant impact on the outcomes of academic works if the researcher does not know how to communicate effectively. For the sake of this argument, essay structuring is taken into consideration. Typically, an essay or report is a comprehensive flow of ideas in a logical format (Greetham, 2013). Conventional practice holds that each paragraph should present a conclusive point/argument regarding a particular subject. The points should be delivered in a manner that introduces, discusses, and then concludes the entire discussion. This essay offers an insightful example of an academic piece that applies the implied practice. Also noteworthy is the fact that this format should also be applied within the paragraphs since each point has some level of independence that ought to be acknowledged to deliver desirable outcomes.

After a thorough exploration of the essential academic writing skills, one cannot help but agree that this process involves logical presentation of information in a manner that engages the reader. Comprehension and essay structuring are crucial skills that ought to be pursued by academicians to enhance the value of their work in the academic fraternity.







Drew, S. and Bingham, R. (2010). The Guide to Learning and Study Skills for Higher Education and at work. Surrey: Gower Publishing Ltd.

Godfrey J, (2013). The Student Phrase Book: Vocabulary for Writing at University (Palgrave Study Skills). New York, USA: Palgrave.

Greetham B. (2013). How to Write Better Essays (Palgrave Study Skills). New York, USA: Palgrave.


Review of my Research Project

            At this point, I cannot help but acknowledge my progress with respect to the academic research project I recently concluded. This postulation is deeply ingrained in the way I managed to apply to sound academic practice throughout the process. One of the ways in which my academic research project meets the required standards of practice is evidenced in the sources I used to obtain information. The use of classroom content for primary data ensures that the information I incorporate in the report is relevant to the course, especially since it is sourced from my instructor. Second, the use of academic secondary sources from libraries such as Palgrave enhances the relevance and credibility of my pieces. While still reflecting on the sources, it is important to highlight the improvement I experienced with respect to referencing. The first draft did not give credit to information sourced from other scholars while the final draft incorporates necessary citations.

            Another improvement evidenced in my research project is the presentation of information. As stated in the essay, poor presentation often compromises the quality of research. I applied this knowledge to structure my essay in a way that communicated the key points effectively compared to the first draft, which appears to just include all relevant information in a non-systematic manner. Clearly, this kind of improvement demonstrates commendable adherence to good academic practice.

            By now, I am certain that I have gained sufficient knowledge to facilitate further progress in my academic journey. I also believe that a reflective mindset goes a long way in augmenting how people comprehend relevant issues. Personally, this assignment has given me a unique edge in matters pertaining to academic skills and writing.



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