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Each student will evaluate a single supplement / ergogenic aid that is used to improve performance in sport. The evaluation report should include a 3 – 5 page typed report, 1 page bibliography (3-5 sources, DO NOT use Wikipedia), and nutritional facts / picture of the supplement /ergogenic aid (1” margins, double spaced, 12 pt. typed font). All references should be cited in MLA format. Following information should be included in the final report:

1. What is the name of the supplement / ergogenic aid and what company manufactures it? (5 pts.)
2. List supplement ingredients. What are the active ingredients in the supplement / ergogenic aid? (15 pts.)
3. Cost of supplement / ergogenic aid and where can you purchase it? (5 pts.) 
4. Health / performance claims and what population is it suggested for use? (15 pts.) 
5. Instruction, warning information, and potential side effects. (15 pts.) 
6. Research based information supporting or disputing the effectiveness of this supplement / ergogenic aid. Cite at least one scientifically based study related to the supplement active ingredients. (15 pts.) 
7. Are any of these substance / ingredients banned in athletic competition? Which ones? Which athletic organizations have banned these substances? (10 pts.) 
8. Personal evaluation of the supplement / ergogenic aid based on research based information. (5 pts.) 
9. Copy of nutritional facts and picture of the supplement / ergogenic aid. (5 pts.) 
10. 1 – page bibliography of works cited.  (5 pts.) 
     11. Grammar and writing style. (5 pts.)

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