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  1. Issues In the United States




    What is the specific issue or problem that you are interested in, and why? How important is the specific issue to the United States? Who are the important players and/or what other countries are mainly involved? What is the official U.S. government position on the issue, if there is one? Who are America’s allies or adversaries, i.e. what other countries support or oppose the United States’ policies on this issue? Are there any international organizations that address the issue or should address the problem you are describing. Is this a long-standing issue or a relatively new problem for the US? Is this a global issue or does it relate primarily to one region of the world? Do solutions exist, and if so, what are the main reasons that the issue has not or cannot be resolved? How would you try to address or resolve the problem, and what reources would you need? How would you convince others to support you, or would you propose a unilateral approach? What international organizations would you consult, if any? How would you convince the American public to support you on the issue? How long do you think will it take for your solution to yield some positive results? How and when would you know that you have succeeded in resolving the issue or overcoming the problem? What evidence for success would you want to see before you are convinced you have successfully dealt with the issue?    


Subject Law and governance Pages 6 Style APA


Democracy and Human Rights: American foreign Policy




I am most interested in Democracy and Human Rights as an essential aspect of American foreign policy. America was established on a constitution that promotes the bill of rights and individual liberty. After World War II, America became a superpower (Sikkink, 2019). The country is expected to define what it stands for in the international stage, especially concerning human rights and freedom. Human right is essential for the US as a country. However, as a superpower, it must extend the practice to protect the minority and vulnerable people in the whole world. Human rights is crucial to America since advancing the same is in line with the values of the country and serves the national interest.

The security of America is enhanced through expanding human rights and democracy in other regions of the world. Following the nature of American society, human rights policy shows the country’s commitment to protecting all the races present in the country (Turaev, 2020). It would help America to sustain its moral status concerning human treatment. According to international law, the united states have a legal right to promote human rights. The mistreatment of citizens of members of the United Nations is not the sole business of the country. The US finds it practical to promote human rights goals along with other foreign policy objectives (Turaev, 2020). For instance, the country presses for human rights alongside military, economic, and political objectives.

Protection of human rights and enhancing democracy is a global affair and so many players have come forth to help the United States in enhancing the agenda. Various countries and organizations have joined the struggle to realize a world with equality and respect for the rights of the vulnerable and minority population in the world. The UN is one of the organizations that help in upholding human rights and democracy in various countries (Turaev, 2020). The organization has agencies that are responsible for promoting peace and addressing the human rights challenges experienced among the member states. Countries such as Britain, France, Russia, China, among other members all contribute towards ensuring a democratic and free world (Sikkink, 2019). The organization has the International Court of Justice (ICC), an organ that is used to punish those violating the rights of people. it also provides health, agriculture and food substances that are crucial in enhancing basic rights to people living in developing countries, especially in some African and south American countries.

The agencies of the United Nation (UN) are not the only international outlets that address human rights and democracy. Amnesty international is an organization that is also involved in protecting human rights. The organization stresses the need for good governance since it is the root of violation of human rights. It is a movement involving more than seven million people (Turaev, 2020). The movement does not have any political or economic inclination to any country. They take violation of human rights seriously. The official organizes global campaigns indicating the importance of having equal rights for everyone. Their main activities include advocacy, research, and lobbying campaigns concerning human rights. Another crucial organization is the Human Rights Watch. The organization’s primary role is to investigate and report human rights abuses across various regions in the world.

 It employs people in various countries to help them with their tasks. The categories of people they engage include lawyers, human rights workers, and journalists to report criminal advances that violate human rights (Apodaca, 2017). It forces the governments, business organizations, and armed groups to change their policies and laws to accommodate and protect basic human rights. The civil rights defender is an expert organization based in Sweden (Turaev, 2020). Its primary role is to defend the civil rights of people and empower the defenders of human rights that are at risk around the world. It has formed collaboration with more than local partners. It is currently active in the regions that have been categorized as most repressive concerning violation of human rights. The United States works closely with these organizations to monitor governments’ commitment to ensuring freedom and liberty for everyone.

The issue of human rights is a long-standing issue for the US. America is one of the countries that were a significant destination for slaves obtained from Africa during slave trade. After slaves got their freedom and America received its independence, the country’s main objective was to ensure equality protection of everyone irrespective of the races (Turaev, 2020). Besides, the US was involved in various activities such as the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal, the secret bombing Cambodia, and the allegation of support of police state by the US government in Asia, South America, and other parts of the world in the name of combating communism.

Therefore, America had strayed from its values and interests, which had a significant effect in the country’s position in the global stage. America came up with a human right policy in 1970 as a respond to the previous foreign policies that lacked ethical considerations (Turaev, 2020). The country began active protection of the human rights both domestically in other countries. It uses the aid it provides to countries as an important tool to make various governments implement human rights protection laws. Besides, it is one of the main contributors to the United Nations and uses the organization to facilitate the same. Countries that adamantly refuse to uphold democracy and human rights are likely to be denied needed aid to help in development of various sectors of economy. 

Democracy and human rights is a global problem. Many countries are struggling to have stable governments resulting to civil wars. Besides, power struggles also contribute for violations of the rights of people (Ikenberry, 2017). Many people are displaced during wars necessitated by power struggles in some African countries, Middle East and South America. Thus, the use is tailoring its foreign policy to deal with a global challenge in its position as the Super power. The solution to the problem of democracy and human rights exists. However, there have been challenges in realizing the success of such measures. For instance, countries not friendly to the US such as Russia may interfere with the activities of the US (Ikenberry, 2017). The two countries have competing ideologies and one is likely to interfere with the activities of the other even if it means well. Some governments are weak and ineffective making democracy difficult to implement important. Some countries, especially in Africa, face the challenges of rebellion from militia groups weakening their strength as a government. Leadership challenges and acknowledgement of inequality against women in some cultures has also been an impediment to enhancing human rights. Most countries are independent states and the US has limits to interfering in their affairs. Thus, it becomes difficult to implement human rights and democratic principles that promote the same.

One of the ways of ensuring human rights that should be promoted by the United States is enhancing democracy. Democratic nations have little or no cases of human rights violations, at least not to the extent realized in countries without stable governments. Most of countries that are notorious for human rights violations are developing states that needs donations to run the economy (Apodaca, 2017). Thus, the United States can put strict conditions on the donations to compel the governments to promote human rights and democracy or miss on the opportunity to receive donations to develop their economies. Organizations, such as International Monetary Fund and the United Nations, can be used to enhance the agenda. Americans will be convinced to support initiatives that promote democracy and human rights since their country is the superpower and has an obligation to ensure safety of others in the global platform. Besides, such activities could affect the security of Americans directly and indirectly. The evidence for the success of the implementation of the imitative is the compliance by countries known for violation of human rights and to the conditions for granting aid for economic development (Apodaca, 2017). General reduction of cases of human rights violation should also be an indication to the same.  




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