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  1. Julius Caesar Movie




    View the video Julius Caesar Master of the Roman World on youtube using the link provided below:

    Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the video not on any other sourse

    1) What territories did Julius Caesar conquer?

    2) What strategies did Julius Caesar use to rise to prominence in Rome?

    3) How did Julius Caesar become dictator in Rome?

    4) Name two of Julius Caesar’s non-military accomplishments.

    5) How did Julius Caesar die?


Subject History Pages 3 Style APA


Julius Caesar Master of the Roman World

Question 1

Gaius Julius Caesar mainly conquered Wales/England which was known as Britannia, Spain, also known as Hispania, Gaul or Gallia, which later became France and Belgium. He also conquered North African Coastal region, Greece (Achaea), and the Middle East (Judea).

Question 2

Caesar used three vital strategies to rise to prominence in Rome. These strategies include his function in the first triumvirate, his invasion of Gaul and his conquests during the civil wars (Julius Caesar Master of the Roman World: Ancient Rome,7: 02-20:49). During the first triumvirate, Caesar formed an alliance with a wealthy aristocratic, Craussus and another general, Pompey. These three men together assumed power of Rome, and Caesar was propelled into the position of consul.

Question 3

According to the video, upon Caesar’s return from the battle of Munda in 45 BCE in Spain, he made himself a dictator and absolute ruler of Rome and its territories after establishing that there was no real resistance to his rule(Julius Caesar Master of the Roman World: Ancient Rome, 33: 36-37:34).



Question 4

Julius Caesar’s non- military accomplishments, according to the video, included his introduction of the Egyptian calendar to the Roman Empire and his resonant victories in the Gallic wars, conquering all the Gallic tribes and enlarging the Roman provinces farther across the entire Gaul region.

Question 5

General Caesar’s death is attributed to his assassination. Over 40 people were involved(Julius Caesar Master of the Roman World: Ancient Rome, 39: 22-44:30). They arranged a gladiator game and an assembly of the Senate. In the meeting, Casca attacked Caesarusing a dagger. Casca summoned the whole group; Brutus included, and stabbed Caesar. Caesar was outnumbered and stabbed 23 times.


“Julius Caecer Master of the Roman World (Ancient Rome).” YouTube,uploaded by The Past, The Present and the Future Sci-Hi Mystery 9 March, 2020,www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRh8vmroG8o














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