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    Written report (typed, double-spaced, 12-point typeface, 1-inch margins) must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document via email to the instructor

    Carole Nicole

    Date: November  8, 2018


    Last Thursday, I attended an event  at SDSU for the artist Kim Jung Gi, at the Storm Hall West , room012 . The event started exactly at 7:00pm and ended at 9:05 pm. It was a really interesting lecture about the basics drawing s.

    The event started  with  Professor Neil Shigley who welcomed and   presented the artist Kim Jung Gi and presented him as the most important artist of star wars, in the whole world. Prof Shigley then, gave us, as spectators, a summary of the guest’s artistic life . He mentioned that he was born in Goyang , South Korea in 1975 and that he start drawing at age seven. Prof. Shigley thenHe talked also about Jung Gi’s  effectiveness as an artist and stated that since 2007, the artist has published three Sketchbooks which contain more than 2,200 pages of his monumental art work.

     After this introduction, the artist talked about his feeling at those moments and that h was honored to be invited by the SDSU  specially because he didn’t graduated from college.

    Then, JunGi started sketching with his ink brush pencil and he actually did six of them in  14×18 bristol papers. While he was drawing, the artist was  giving instructions and advices to the four hundredths fifty students that had attended the lecture,

    In The firsrt drawing Jung Gi sketched first two man and an airplane and he was enphasizing how much important is  to think about the compostition first. He mentioned that it  is very important before start drawing to think how to occupy the space.Then in a separated plane in the same paper he started doing  silhouettes before drawing the clothes  of the two men and he mentioned that this was his methode since he was in middle school .  In his second plane of  the same first piece  the artist talked and gave some instructions about  how  establishing the eye level and the vanishing points and to  build all  the other elements , of the pictorial space, on them. In another plane of the the same first drawing  he used a different eye level demonstrating and showing the spectators how that process goes. We as students, were watching him through three giant screens.

     In his second and third drawing the artist drew several boxes and showed us different objects, elemtents and animals from different perspectives. Actually in his third drawing the artist also mentioned how important to him as an illustrator to add secondary elements  to almost all his drawing to make them more powerful and convincing. Jung Gi was drawing fast and without stopping and without failing. His use of ink brush pencil showed how he was confident about his talent because ink cannot be erased, he mentioned that he uses different materials in drawing but he prefers  to use the ink bruch pencil and the graphite pencil.

    In the artist’s fourth drawing, Jung Gi showed us as spectators how to draw different rooms in different floors from the  same perspective and the same eye level. He mentioned the he used to give the exercice to all his studens for many years, so  they can practice …

    In his fifth drawing Jung Gi showed us the two men and the airplane from two  new perspectives

    In the last part Junj Gi show us many different drawing from his published sketch books. Some of them were drawn with black ink some others with red. While showing each drawing, he was giving us, as students,  comments , instructions and advices  with a high sense of humor.

    In the last few minutes the artist advised all the  students to practice and  practice and digging  without stopping and not being worried about getting jobs or not. Because  when we  practice and become expert  the work is going to come along ..

    the artist’s artworks and techniques had  impressed attracted  us as spectators as they had attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. To me,  It was really a very important an unforgettable lecture,  and I I believe that   we had all  being inspired by    this great artist and illustrator, and  amazed by seeying him drawing   specially because of his  ability to visualize  the drawing before  doing his marks and with mental pictures, he can draw without a phographic refrences.


Subject Report Writing Pages 7 Style APA


Kim Jung Gi Lecture Report

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Kim Jung Gi at SDSU’s Storm Hall West, room 012. It begun at 7.00 p.m. and ended at 9.05 p.m. It was not only exciting, but also informative, offering insight into the basics of drawing.

The lecture kicked off with introductory remarks by Professor Neil Shigley who welcomed Kim Jung Gi, describing him as the most important artist of star wars. Professor Shigley went on to present a summary of the artist’s life. He mentioned that he was born in 1975 in Goyang, South Korea, where his passion for art developed as early as seven years of age (when he started drawing). The professor briefly highlighted the artist’s effectiveness and success in the art world. He pointed out that since 2007, Kim Jung Gi has published three sketchbooks that detail his monumental work in more than 2,200 pages. Professor Shigley expressed his gratitude for the invitation by SDSU, especially because he was not an alumni of the institution.  He then invited the guest artist.

Without further ado, Kim Jung began demonstrating and explaining some important drawing basics. He began sketching on 14×18 bristol papers using an ink brush pencil. As he drew, he took time to explain to the close to five hundred students in attendance.  The first sketch was that of two men and an airplane (see figure 1 below). As he progressed, he emphasized the significance of composition and pointed out that one of the most important things an artist should know is how to use the drawing space. He proceeded to sketch silhouettes on a separate plane in the same paper before drawing the men’s clothes.  He explained that this has always been his approach ever since he was in middle school. On another plane, he demonstrated how to establish eye level as well as the vanishing points while building other elements of the pictorial space. Everyone watched with excitement as Kim Jung displayed his artistic talent.

Figure 1: Kim Jung’s first sketch

The artists moved to sketch his second and third drawings (see figures 2 and 3 below) which were equally fascinating. The drawings featured boxes and animals as well as artistic elements that he illuminated through different perspectives. He added that including secondary elements to any piece makes it more powerful and convincing as far as its thematic purpose is concerned. His artistic mastery was evident from the way he was drawing: he was doing it fast and without any error or need for erasure. He appeared very comfortable and confident as he drew.

Figure 2: King Jung’s second sketch

Figure 3: Kim Jung’s third sketch


In the fourth drawing (see figure 4 below), the artist illustrated how to draw different rooms in different floors from the same perspective and eye level. Exercising this, he said had helped many of his students improve their drawing skills. Clearly, King Jung was generous enough to share his skills and approaches in drawing.

Figure 4: Kim Jung’s fourth sketch

He then proceeded to his firth sketch (see figure 5 below) in which he showed the two men and airplane (from the first sketch) from a new perspective.

Figure 5: Kim Jung’s fifth sketch

As he concluded, the artists displayed some drawing samples from his published sketch books. Drawn in different colors, the drawings left no doubt that Kim Jung Gi was the master and expert artist we know him to be. He offered a word of encouragement, stating that practicing over and over again was the surest way of perfecting in the journey to becoming a professional artist. He clarified that students had to do their best and equip themselves with requisite skills because that way they would be assured of securing jobs in the future. By and large, it was quite an experience to attend that lecture. It offered insight into some drawing basics that if mastered, can bring huge success for anyone interested in specializing in drawing. I was impressed by the ease with which he drew and his ability to visualize his drawings before actually drawing them. As I left that lecture hall, I had no doubt that Kim Jung had indeed earned his place in the arts arena as was evidenced by his fame and popularity in the last few years. 


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