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    Listen to the piece above (cry of bier bearer) In a few paragraphs, analyze the musical function of the lead singer, and the musical relationship between the lead vocal and the chorus.


Subject Music Pages 2 Style APA


Korean Music: Sangyo-Sori

Sangyo-sori is one of the traditional style of Korean music which is reserved for the most scared event or ritual in the region; the funeral march.  Sangyo-sori leader who is dressed in black clothes lead the professional towards the burial site as he sings. While there are other musical concepts in this song, Cry of Bearer demonstrates the relationship between musical relationship between the lead vocal and the chorus

The musical function of the lead singer allows the mourners to express feelings which words are not able to convey. In this particular scene, it can be proved that the song has the prospective to uplift, console, and encourage the grieving.  The sing leader evokes feelings of mourners. The pentatonic scale assists him in the warbled cry which then attract the attention of the mourners.  Both the lead singer and choral professional get involved in a positive call-and-response pattern. Notably, as the lead singer engage in a warbled cry, chorus processional responds in a formulaic call-and-response pattern.  In addition, transportation of the deceased (the sacred items) is determined by the customary purpose of the sangyô-sori’s combination of landscape and of tempo. This also shows a positive relationship as a person in the processional plays hand-bell in rhythm with leader’s vocals accompanied by a Ch’anggo drum.

It is also important to note that song’s tempo does not appear to alternate or change expressively at points during recording; somewhat, the song’s key remains to rise.  This reveals that the Korean Music adapted the “kinetic” aspects to alter the pitch instead of the tempo since there is no significant tempo change in the song. 















Appendix A:

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