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  1. Leadership   


    What is the leader’s biggest challenge?

    Self-doubt is my leader biggest challenge. As a leader, Priscilla’s biggest challenge is being outspoken and able to say no.

    How does the person address problems or issues?

    Zyare address problems or issues through his wide variety of friends.

    What suggestions do they have for college students interested in having an impact on issues important to them and on becoming a leader?

    There are many opportunities! Just go for it! If you don’t take a step to become a leader or take a step to show leadership skills in whatever club, environment, or issues you want to address, you’re never going to get anything done.

    How do they define leadership? Service? Do they see them as connected?

    Zyare defines leadership as influencing. “Great leaders all got something in common, they influence people in a positive manner “. Being a leader is bringing that energy that pushes everyone forward. He sees leadership service connected. You cannot be a leader without contributing to those you’re trying to help. Zyare believe pastors are leaders because they spend at least half their time on other people.

    Priscilla Ajala believes leadership service is connected because when you’re leading individuals, you have to lead by example and everything you do. Leadership is being able to organize and basically leading a group and motivate people to do a certain task or reach a certain goal. You really can’t be a leader without servicing others and people that you’re leading.

    what’s your motivation/purpose as a leader?

    Zyare is motivated by helping others. Priscilla’s motivation for being a leader is just seeing the results of leading a group of people. The results are always stratifying.

    How do you relate leadership to your religion?


Subject Administration Pages 3 Style APA


Leadership:  leaders Zyare Orr and Priscilla Ajala

Leadership is guiding a group of people or an organization. People have different personalities. Thus, they express different ways of handling issues. The leadership qualities of people differ, and this results in disparity in the manner they manage their followers. Therefore, it is essential to compare leaders based on various aspects of leadership such as biggest challenges, ways of addressing, problems, what leadership means to them to understand the types of leaders they are. Conversely, some leaders tag their leadership ability to religion and belief in God while others consider it an inherent ability. Zyare Orr and Priscilla Ajala are examples of leaders, who have demonstrated success but show distinct and similar leadership styles.

Zyare Orr and Priscilla Ojala have different biggest leadership challenges. For instance, Orr’s biggest challenge is self-doubt. The leader feels weak, debilitated, and wonders if everyone around her know she is unsure of her moves. It makes him uneasy, and he keeps suspecting that everyone talks about him. However, Orr understands that self-doubt is natural, and the weakness can be harnessed to be one of the greatest strengths of a leader. Thus, it should not be a deterrent for someone who intends to advance their leadership role. Orr is learning to role-play herself and think least of things that people think of her unless they contribute to her leadership success.

Conversely, Priscilla’s biggest challenge is being outspoken and able to say no. while being outspoken is good, it can results in ineffective leadership since some people would shy away when their proposals are rejected in their faces. Besides, some people can misinterpret the intentions of a leader and consider him or her arrogant and confrontational. Ajala’s nature of being outspoken has gotten him friends and enemies equally. He has learned to communicate her intentions early enough to make her followers know her perception on contentious issues. She fears that her outspoken nature can crush other people’s leadership potential. Upcoming leaders should be encouraged to step up and show leadership at various levels. However, leaders who are overly confident and outspoken dominate the working environment killing the leadership ambitions of those around them.

The leaders express different ways of addressing problems and issues. For instance, Zyare addresses his problems and issues through his wide variety of friends. Friends can bring creative suggestions to a problem, especially when the problem falls to a field they understand better. Friends can bring forth suggestion. However, the leader is tasked with the responsibility of choosing what is most relevant to solving the problem at hand. However, other leaders choose to follow the conventionally ways of solving challenges such as having direct conversations with the people involved and finding a way forward. The two leaders have various suggestions to students who show interest in having impact on issues important to them and becoming leaders.

Zyare believe that there are many opportunities and college students should not shy from going for them. Thus, the process of seizing the leadership opportunities at various levels in the society starts while students are still in college. For instance, the college students should actively participate in various leadership platforms offered by clubs such as environmental clubs. They should look for appropriate avenues to discuss issues they want to address or fail to make a significant impact as leaders, both in the learning institutions and in the community. Orr advises college students that there are many opportunities, but they do not need to attack them all at ones. It is not healthy to listen to what people say since it can bring you down. However, it is important to stick to a good system that encourages leadership among those who show potential. The community is facing various challenges and there is hope that the college students are graduating to help solve the challenges through provision of effective leadership. However, this will not happen when students fail to step up and address these issues from a leader’s perspective.

The leaders have a similar understanding of leadership and service and the connection between the two variables. For instance, Zyare considers leadership to be an aspect of influencing others. According to him, all great leaders share something in common, the art of influencing people to share their beliefs. Leaders have the energy that pushes people forward, especially when all hope seem to be diminishing. Zyare believes that leadership and service are connected. That is, it is impossible to be a leader without being in service to those you serve. For instance, he believes that pastors meet the definition of an ideal leader since they spend most of their time providing service to the church members. Primarily, a good leader must know how to serve. In an organization situation, team members might be afraid to complete the task assigned without the efforts of a leader. Leaders acquire more influence and support from followers when they become proactive in activities done by team members. Every leader starts as a member of a team before rising to become a leader of a team. Being of service is having the ability to foster leadership in others. It involves providing mentorship and encouragement to other people in your team who has the ability to take your place as a leader.

On the other hand, Priscilla Ajala believes that there is connection between leadership and service. According to her, leaders have to act as an example for their followers. Leaders should motivate a group of people by providing hope, and encouraging them to complete certain tasks or goals. In certain instances, leadership is considered continuation of service. Many people look up to the dedication of leaders to encourage them complete various tasks. The connection existing between leadership and service is inherent. Good leaders provide guidance and directions by doing service to people the same way they would want to be served as well. Primarily, it is not practical to be a leader and fail to provide service to your people. Best leaders do not strive to lead, but they strive to provide service to the people and the community. 

Leaders must have purpose or motivation to steer their people to intended success. For instance, Zyare is motivated to helping others to realize their individual objectives in life. The primary concern for leaders should be the service they provide to their followers. Zyare should choose approaches to motivation that do not have negative results on the people. For instance, actions such as imparting fear and intimidation are destructive to the personalities of followers. Most people do not consider what leaders do, they are motivated by the reason why the leaders do the things they do. Thus, good leaders must create clarity of purpose and show followers why they involve in certain actions. Zyare talks should draw wisdom from great leaders to shape up her ability to influence followers towards a worthy course through positive motivation. Leaders are not self sufficient, they should be open to follows and allow them to understand his actions as well as how the activities motivate individual members. 

Conversely, the motive of Priscilla for being a leader is seeing the result of providing leadership. Seeing people improve their lives due to your exceptional leadership motivation is of her satisfying. The two leaders relate leadership and religion in various ways. Zyare believes that God guides his leadership endeavors. Thus, every step he takes, he put God first. Every leader has a leader above him leading him. Even leaders on the top must have God leading them. Leadership comes from God, and leaders are chosen through God’s interventions. Thus, the activities of leaders reflect the will of God. He gives an example of being a child of a preacher, where leadership begins when they are still children. They are required to lead others into the church, and lead by example by displaying the best way of life according to Christ. Leaders have different personalities, and their reason for motivation differs. However, they should contribute to the greater good of followers or the community irrespective of the difference in motivation objectives.

Both Ayare and Priscilla demonstrate transformational leadership theory. They view people as reservoirs of talent that needs to be harnessed and developed to help solve challenges in the community. According to the theory, leaders should connect with followers to raise their levels of motivation and morality. Nonetheless, they influence others by what they offer in exchange. Zyare and Orr have similar motivation for their followers. Besides, they encourage college students to step up and address the issues that affect society from perspective of leaders not followers.




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