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  1.  Leadership and development in health informatics analytical


    Discuss Leadership and development in health informatics analytical


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Leadership and Development in Health Informatics Analytical Paper 2


Leadership is not an easy task, especially in the health sector, which deals with human safety and wellbeing. With the best leadership traits and skills, health care organizations can move from relief to innovation and reimaging. One of the top influential health care leaders is Dr. Rod Hochman, the president and CEO of Providence St. Joseph health. This essay will analyze Hochman and his leadership style, skills, and abilities, as well as the public perception of the individual.

Hochman’s Leadership Style, Skills, and Abilities

Hochman’s qualities, as well as leadership skills and style, make him successful. With a proper leadership foundation in his former places of employment where he worked as a leader in various positions, Hochman reveals that his passion lies in community-focused health. Families and individuals can access high-quality care that is safe and compassionate (Rod Hochman MD., 2018). He has no care about coverage or an individual’s ability to pay. His utmost aim is to ensure the care being provided is of high quality, provided with compassion, and accessible to all. With an individual with such qualities in the leading position, Providence has managed to emulate its leader and offer a comprehensive range of health services in various regions without discrimination. Hence, Hochman has become successful in contributing to the organization’s development due to his leadership skills and abilities that enable the provision of high quality and compassionate care.

Hochman exhibits various leadership traits, including being self-motivated, an effective communicator, confident, people-oriented, and accountable, as well as responsible. Great leaders should demonstrate the best communication skills (Northouse, 2019). Hochman demonstrates this trait by including communication in his philosophy aside from hiring great people and setting strategies. In an interview where he was asked to describe his daily routine, Hochman explains how communication is the most crucial thing in his daily routine whereby he communicates what he is doing, communicates his vision and the strategy, and basically spends about 70 percent of his time having internal and external communications (Paavola, 2020). Hochman believes that his routine is different from that of other executives due to his ability to meet his caregivers in their workstations and listen to them to understand their work (Paavola, 2020). He demonstrates the people-oriented trait through the ability to coordinate with everyone at Providence and ensure there is extraordinary teamwork. Likewise, Hochman demonstrates accountability and responsibility by the way he cares for his employees. For instance, in a December 2020 article in which he wrote about caring for caregivers amidst the COVID 19 pandemic by giving them new and extended benefits, Hochman reveals that he is accountable and responsible (Hochman, 2020). His confidence and self-motivation are evident in providing care to all individuals in need of it despite the level of coverage or the ability or inability to pay. He is confident about his decisions and leads Providence with authority while reassuring and inspiring others. Additionally, he does his best to exceed expectations by hiring great people who are also self-motivated.

As per the leadership strengths listed in the StrengthFinders list, Hochman exhibits the strengths of an achiever, a relator, and an includer. Hochman’s ability to exceed expectations demonstrates the strength of an achiever. For instance, he worked extremely hard and delivered Providence into the leading position that it is currently in. He is actively involved in the international expansion of the organization, as demonstrated in his travels to Guatemala to strengthen the local relationships with the facility and continuously improve the Guatemalan communities’ overall health (Rod Hochman MD, 2018). As a relator, it is evident that Hochman enjoys close relationships with the individuals he works with and finds deep satisfaction in working with them to attain a goal. For instance, he always strives to meet caregivers in their workstations and spends time listening to them, trying to understand their work and how it helps in the achievement of the organization’s purpose (Paavola, 2020). Finally, as an included, Hochman makes an effort to include everyone in a healthy life. He advocates for the vulnerable populations and pursues health care reforms and innovative ways to transform the industry and keep everyone healthy.

He uses the organizational change leadership style and team leadership style, which takes the transactional approach to organizational improvement and encourages self-managed teams. Hochman is a transformational leader who strives to make over the health care industry by transforming it into a compassionate business that puts patients’ health first before their finances. He demonstrates the team leadership style by picking great individuals to work with and trusting them to do their jobs well and make the right decisions in the best interests of the patients and the organization. 

The public perception of Hochman and What Makes him Successful

Identified as one of the most influential individuals in health care, Dr. Hochman is publicly viewed as a prominent figure in health care leadership. Gail Warden Leadership Excellence ranked him in the fourth position for leadership practices that bring about advancement (Crain Communications, 2019). Since 2012, Hochman has been a leader in Providence and has succeeded in bringing the system to the leading position to address various key issues such as coverage expansion and health social determinants (Crain Communications, 2019). I agree with the perception because the president and CEO have successfully contributed to the growth and development of Providence, as evident in the organization’s movement up the ranks of health systems and the increase in revenue production. According to Paavola (2020), under Hochman’s leadership, Providence has grown into the third-largest health system in the nation, with 51 hospitals spread out in seven states and about 120 thousand caregivers, and it also tripled its revenues from 8 Billion USD to 24 billion USD. As such, I agree that Hochman is a prominent healthcare individual with the best leadership skills and abilities to transform any health facility into a great one.  


In sum, Rod Hochman is a great healthcare leader with a concrete leadership foundation in various health systems. He is publicly viewed as a very influential individual in health care who uses the transformational and organizational change leadership styles to lead Providence. He exhibits the leadership traits of self-motivation, effective communication, confidence, being people-oriented, accountable, and responsible, which he demonstrates in his daily activities and routine while at work. In the StrengthFinders list, Hochman is an achiever, a relator, and an includer as he is actively involved in delivering Providence into the top position and works closely with others to attain the goal while including everyone in the efforts. He commonly uses the organizational change and team leadership styles to lead Providence to success. Hence, Hochman’s leadership skills and ethics are crucial to his success and the organization’s success that he leads.



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