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    Develop a leadership slide and 400-500 word description of the leader you chose for your analytical paper (Dr. Rod Hochman). What aspect of their leadership stands out? Which of our leadership approaches and concepts are used by this leader?
    . You cannot write this paper without using at least the textbook and some outside sources as a reference.
    Northouse, P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). SAGE.

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Leadership Approaches and Concepts used by Dr. Hochman

Dr. Rod Hochman is the president and CEO of Providence St. Joseph Health, a Catholic non-profit health organization. Dr. Hochman was awarded in 2019 with Gail L. Warden award for his innovative, inventive, and bold leadership. He is acknowledged for bringing healthcare into the digital era by utilizing technology in enabling better, more accessible, and more affordable services to attain value-centered care. This paper discusses the leadership qualities of Dr. Hochman that stand out and the leadership approaches and concepts used by him.

Dr. Hochman’s Leadership Qualities that Stand Out

During Dr. Hochman’s term, Providence has arisen as an organization centered on populace health, genomics medicine, whole-person care, and mental health, whereas still preserving its 175-year-old-mission of serving all, mostly the poor and vulnerable, via its fundamental values of honesty, dignity, quality, compassion, and justice.  Dr. Hochman’s commitment to changing healthcare for the future, whereas staying true to the hospital’s mission, has placed Providence at the intersection of innovation and consideration.

Leadership Approaches and Concepts used by Dr. Hochman

One of the concepts used by Dr. Hochman is the trait theory of leadership. According to Northouse (2019), the trait theory suggests that specific natural qualities often create outstanding leaders. Hence, this theory believes that leaders are born and focuses on what leaders are. Dr. Hochman has remarkable people skills; he is creative, adaptive, and flexible and understands his followers and needs. He has a philosophy focused on three things: to communicate, formulate strategies, and employ great individuals. Dr. Hochman believes in communicating the hospital’s values and the goals intended to be achieved.

So, he has to formulate a strategy to give people direction and enlighten them on how to get there. He also believes that leaders should hire competent persons and then get off their way to deliver on their work (Chatterjee et al., 2018). Hochman made grassroots efforts to promptly involve the employees in several policy issues stretching from maintaining Medicaid coverage to gun regulation. Likewise, he is a leader in championing gender diversity in the hospital. The five out of the eight executives reporting directly to Hochman are women. Also, he has made strategic appointments with tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon to foster the hospital’s digital agenda. Likewise, Dr. Hochman uses a skills approach to leadership to drive technological change in the hospital-based on his experience, abilities, and knowledge (Northouse, 2019).

Dr. Hochman has worked in medical schools’ faculties and health plans. In addition, he has transformed troubled hospitals and worked in compliance and HR. Hence, he has a wealth of experience and skills in keeping everyone motivated and ensuring that teams function together to the same objective (Rahbi et al., 2017). Mr. Hochman uses a visionary leadership style through inspiration and confidence in his team. Dr. Hochman puts a lot of confidence in his leadership team. Although he might have healthy ideas concerning things, he let the team do their work with less supervision. He trusts them and is always accessible when challenges arise that need his attention.


Dr. Rod Hochman’s track record of performance has proved that he is a leader who is visionary and believes in empowering and motivating his team to deliver the best. His visionary leadership and digital revolution have made Providence make revenues during his tenure.


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