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    Unit 9: Leadership Challenges for the Future
    Chapter 13 & 14; TEXT: Leadership for health Professionals second edition 2014, Ledlow and Coppola.

    Appraise and defend a “perfect†health leader by explaining the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies of that “perfect†leader. Is this similar to the 

    type of leader you want to be? Why or why not?





Subject Administration Pages 2 Style APA


Leadership Challenges for the Future

Leaders in the health industry need to be well prepared to deal with some of the various scenarios that may take place within the organization. This is usually enabled by the presence of required knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies within the leader. First, a perfect leader possesses sufficient knowledge on the health industry, as well as the organization. Sufficient knowledge on the latest trends such as use of technology is a must have (Coppola & Ledlow, 2014). This leader needs to know how to deal with various types of employees so as to generate the required results. This involves knowing how to trigger positive relationship employees.

            Second, a leader needs to possess specific skills that enable him to carry out his duties within the healthcare organization. For instance, the leader needs to be able to influence people with ease. This will work perfectly when motivating employees. Similarly, a perfect leader needs to be able to identify talent when he sees it (Coppola & Ledlow, 2014). This is because the leader plays a vital role in the recruitment of employees into the organization. Mentoring is yet another skill that a leader needs to have.

            Third, a perfect leader needs to have a set of abilities that will help support his role in the organization. These include factors such as the ability to improve his skills and knowledge in management of human resource, the ability to stay positive no matter the present situation an organization is facing and many more (Coppola & Ledlow, 2014). The leader needs to be the anchor of the organization. This means that he needs to set an example for others to follow. Lastly, a leader needs to have certain competencies, such as the ability to relate with employees from various cultures, being able to endure the organizational values and beliefs, and even lead others as if he were the follower (Coppola & Ledlow, 2014).

            The above appraisal of a perfect leader is similar to the type of leader that I want to be. This is because I believe in leading by example, and helping employees grow and develop new skills.



Coppola, G., & Ledlow, N. (2014). Leadership for Health Professionals, 2nd Edition.

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