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report on the information you learned in your structured interview and the organization observation you conducted. The majority of information you need to complete your preliminary analysis, which sets into motion all other aspects of your consultation, occur during the initial interview. During a typical consultation you will map out the organization’s functions and how those functions interact to develop process charts. These charts provide a clear depiction of the organization, the individual functions which make up the system, and can assist in identifying potential barriers or issues that may cause performance issues.

Please include the following information:

Discuss the findings from the leadership interview. (Approximately three paragraphs.)
Who are the targeted customers/demographics?
How are customers recruited? How does the organization advertise their services and what processes track the efficacy of their advertising?
What resources are required to maintain the organization’s process and create the overall outputs?
What is the impact of the supply chain on customer engagement and product development?
How many people are employed at the agency across all functions, and what is the range of education involved?
Describe the overall financial structure of the agency, including typical revenue streams and a general estimate of overhead costs and payroll.
Provide an updated organization chart and discuss the structure of the organization. (Approximately three paragraphs.)
What are the primary functions in the organization, and how are they related? Reference the organization chart as necessary and include this as a figure.
How do functions communicate with one another?
What processes exist to identify problems or assess the quality of products delivered?
Provide an updated process chart and discuss the workplace observation and an overview of your findings. (Approximately three paragraphs.)
Describe one process that you observed in detail referencing the process chart.
Describe the fidelity to the process that you observed by the individual(s) you observed.
Discuss your observation in terms of observer reactivity. Did you notice any overt changes to behavior based on your presence?
General discussion of findings.
What problems with systems did you identify?


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