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  1. Leading a staff development meeting



    Assume that you are leading a staff development meeting on regulation for nursing practice at your healthcare organization or agency.  

    Describe the differences between a board of nursing and a professional nurse association.
    Describe the board for your specific region/area.
    Who is on the board?
    How does one become a member of the board?
    Describe at least one state regulation related to general nurse scope of practice.
    How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?
    How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?
    Describe at least one state regulation related to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).
    How does this regulation influence the nurse’s role?
    How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare?


Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


Board of Nursing and a Professional Nurse Association

BON is a government agency created by law while PNA is a community of nurses willing to come together to form a group through which they pursue their common interests. This presentation focuses on California Board of Registered nurses which is a body formed by law to protect public health, safety and welfare.  The Presentation also focuses on state laws and their effect on the role of nurses and delivery of healthcare, accessibility and cost of health care.

Differences between Board of Nursing and Professional Nursing Association is that Board of Nursing is a regulatory body while ANA is an organization of professionals who come together to pursue a common interest, BON regulates public health standards  and educational standards for nurses (NCSBN, 2012a; 2012b).

California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is a public organization charged with ensuring safety, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare. BRN does a watchdog role of regulation of practice of registered nurses, implementation and enforcement of the Nursing Practice Act (NPA). The board comprises of 9 members as described in next slide (NCSBN, 2020)

The Board comprises of 9 members  all who must meet all the educational and professional requirements before they can be appointed  by Governor  (appoints seven members) and legislature (appoints 2 members) and approved by senate. The five registered nurses include two direct patient nurses, one advanced practice nurse,  one nurse administrator and one nurse educator. Each member  can serve a maximum of two terms of 4 years each (NCSBN, 2012a, 2012b)

To become a member of the board, one must first be educationally and professionally qualified. In other words one must have studied relevant  course and must be practicing his/her career. Secondly, one must be registered and practicing before he/she can be appointed by the Governor or legislature and approved by the senate to the board (NCSBN, 2012a).

The regulation supports practice by APRNs  and makes them  personally accountable for their functions to the patients, BRN/BON and to the society. Secondly, the legislation protects the enforcement  of right of citizens to accessible, affordable and quality healthcare. It also provides for right of citizen to premium tax credits. The regulation also expands medical programs so that low income earners can access heath care (American Nurses Association, 2015).


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