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  1. Letter of gratitude





    Write a letter to someone who has influenced your life and helped form you as a person. You then need to ask them to write a letter of advice or encouragement for you. You will include both letters in your folder. This should be 2-4 pages. First letter daughter to mother and second mother to daughter.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Letter from Daughter to Mother

Dear Mother,

Even before my first tear hits the ground, you have always been there to wipe it. You have always felt my pain even before it hits me hard. You have always understood my needs before I think of them. Mum, you have been an extra ordinary influence on my life and you will continue to be. You have always demonstrated unconditional love towards me even at the times that I do not deserve it. Therefore, having you as my mother is the biggest blessing and gift anyone could have offered me.

One of the greatest attributes you taught me is never to give up. This is one of the characters that has made me reach where I am today. In the event that I was about to give up in some of the activities, you always gave me examples of great individuals who are currently famous just because they did not give up. You have also proved to me that despite difficult situations, giving up should not be an option. It is through this spirit that I have succeeded not only in academics, abut also in sports.

You have also demonstrated to me that hard work is the only way to success. Although you hardly talk about it, your actions speak all about it. According to your stories, I know you were brought up in a poor family to the extent that you got some of the basics needs from other people. You did not go to a good school, but you emerged top of the class despite the challenges of school fees. Right now, I am living a comfortable life which has been contributed by hard work despite challenges you faced when taking care of us. Your success has taught me that hard work pays, and through it, I have managed to reach some points in life that I would have not reached in your absence.

Mom, you also taught me the value of determination and sacrifice. I remember one day I failed in one of the subjects in grade six despite the efforts and the expectation of everyone in the family. I knew you would punish me. Unexpectedly, instead of becoming mad at me, you told me that I do not have to kill myself whenever I feel hopeless in life. This statement has been lingering in my mind every time I face challenges in life. It has boosted my determination and self-esteem to this very day.

As I pen off, I would like you to know that the characters I portray today are linked to your positive influence. You always reminded me that life offers us several of options to pursue. Therefore, in every choice we make there is always a consequence that follows it. In this view, mom you encourage me only to follow choices that have positive impact on my life and those individuals around me. Through your effort to mold me, I have learnt to be honest and act with integrity. Mom, how that I love you, and I will continue to do so. I cannot wait to hear from you.

Your loving daughter,











Letter from mother to daughter

Dear Daughter,

One of the greatest things that makes me proud today is to see you grow to be a confident young woman. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. In every activity that you do, know that you are the closest thing to your mother’s heart. I am looking forward to seeing you grow and flourish in the years to come.

Daughter, as you grow, there are things that you should never forget as they will make you an important person not only to your relatives, but also to other people.  The first thing to know is that relationships are an important factor of coexisting in society. You remember, while working hard for my career, I treasured my family and I have been there for all my relatives including my mother and in-laws. Fortunately, they reciprocated their unconditional support and love. Relationships are very import; they have to be cherished and nurtured. So try to treat people as you would wish to be treated.

Secondly, know that we all write our destiny. Look around you. Take control of your destiny, dream what you want to attain, and write it in your own way.  While I want you to reach the highest level of success in life, note that you need to move slowly while enjoying every step along the way. You know where we came from and you can ascertain that it is those little steps that complete the journey. Also, not that as you climb the ladder to success, you will meet several challenges and difficult decision to make. However, you must have the courage to stand for what you need and believe in it. As I told you before, giving up has never been an option in our family.

Therefore, know that bad times and good times will be part of your life, but you need to handle both with equanimity.

Your mom









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