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Letter of Recommendation


Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA


Sender’s name

Sender’s departmental address

Sender’s departmental phone number

Sender’s institutional email address

Today’s date


Recipient’s name

Recipient’s institutional address

Dear Sir/Madam 

I cordially recommend (insert name) as a qualified candidate for the graduate school . Having been his supervisor while undertaking his internship in public health at our organization, he exhibited traits that I considered above per .

(Insert name) is a highly dedicated learner who has a good record of academic performance . He maintained a GPA grade of 3.98 which is highly commendable for professionals in public health . As an intern, he exhibited a unique ability to comprehend issues and apply theoretical knowledge to solve public health issues. He further showed a mastery of evidence-based interventions as he would quickly use the internet and other tools of information technology to access past health outcomes, evaluate them and apply with integrity considering all the ethical dynamics . From our interactions, I could note that he is a student with a drive for success, passion for innovation, and is always quick to take responsibility for his actions and mistakes. As much as he showed his vulnerable side to his close workmates, I can attest that he is highly disciplined and you can be sure to use his skills and knowledge for the betterment of the other learners in the graduate school .

I further noted that as an intern, he had a focus on elusive and emerging topics in public health . This included his emphasis on creating an inclusive atmosphere for serving diverse patients and especially those from the underserved populations. He further showed a preference for diversity since he ensured that his work teams had all the attributes that encase multiplicity. This ranged from his preference for people with diverse cultures, religion, nationality, and races. He could then exploit each of their capabilities and engage them in different tasks thus tapping into the benefits of diversity . Being his supervisor, I admired his commitment to delivering quality public health services and, in the process, I emulated some of his approaches to creating a diversity and inclusivity workforce .

In the light of these attributes, I believe (insert name) will be an asset to your graduate program . I therefore recommend him to you without any reservation . Incase you have further questions regarding his qualifications, capabilities, and background, feel free to contact me .


Name of Sender

Public Health Supervisor















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