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    Life of a Patriarch Sermon Outline


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    Choose one of the following three patriarchs: Abraham, Jacob, or Joseph.

    Make a descriptive sermon outline (500-750 words) that focuses on the lessons learned from the life of the patriarch. In particular, your sermon outline should be organized around a specific biblical theme developed in the narrative of the patriarch’s life.

    Your sermon outline should include a descriptive title, biblical references, and a cohesive outline that attempts to include the majority of the patriarch’s life as developed in Genesis.

    Prepare your sermon outline using bullet points, and/or letters or Roman numerals.

    Include 10-15 Scripture references.

    APA format is required for essays only. Solid academic writing is expected.  In-text citations and references should be presented using APA guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

    You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.



Subject Religion Pages 3 Style APA


A sermon outline on the life of Abraham

                The bible records key personalities who are the fathers of today’s human population. They include Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Abraham is a patriarch of Hebrew origin whose existence led to the present day Jews. In Genesis 11:27 (The New King James Version), Abraham’s first appearance in the Bible, it is recorded that Terah begot three children namely Abraham, Nahor, and Haran. This paper, therefore, seeks to highlight key notable issues around the life of Abraham.

                Isaiah 41:8 (The New King James Version) refers to Abraham as the friend of God. Abraham also goes down in History as one of the most significant characters ever recorded in the Old Testament (George, 2010). Abraham’s friendship with God is based on the following key attributes;

  • Hebrews 11:8 (The New King James Version) records that when God calls Abraham, he is to leave his ancient land to a land that he does not know. Abraham gladly adheres to God’s call and sets off on this journey of faith.
  • This is a clear illustration of a faithful servant of God. His faithfulness to God doesn’t end there; there comes a second call asking him to sacrifice his only son.
  • This, he equally adheres to with a firm belief that God could raise Isaac even from the dead (Hebrews 11:19, The New King James Version). This is a clear challenge to Christians who are as such, expected to adhere to God’s commands unconditionally.
  • Even though he is one of the most faithful servants of God, Abraham’s human nature can be seen at the point when he falls into sin. Having waited for so long, Abraham begins to lose hope on God’s promise of a son, and he colludes with his wife Sarah to have her handmaid, Hagar bear him a son (Genesis 16:4, The New King James Version). This portrays Abraham as someone who listens so much to his wife to the point of losing trust in some of God’s promises (George, 2010).
  • After Sarah’s death, Abraham takes concubines as is recorded in Genesis 25:6 (The New King James Version). This is not right before God. These instances reveal that in as much as Abraham is one of God’s most faithful servants, his human nature still pre-disposes him to sin and he falls into Satan’s trap of sin but eventually, he manages to emerge victorious (George, 2010).
  • Another key attribute of Abraham is that he not only believes in God but also acts upon God’s instruction (Romans 4:3, The New King James Version). This is clearly in line with the principle of faith as the ability to believe and do.
  • In Genesis 22:9 (The New King James Version), Abraham believes that it is God who has given him his only son, this does not prevent him from offering the same son as a sacrifice when God asks him to do so.

Abraham’s life is made up of many critical lessons that today’s Christians can allude to. Faith without action can never earn salvation. This is recorded in James 2:14 (The New King James Version). Abraham’s faith in God comes hand in hand with his works upon the commands of God. Christians should always ensure that their lifestyles and actions portray the image of Christ (Mathew 5:48, The New King James Version). This way, they become beneficiaries of the fundamental teachings from Abraham’s lifestyle.



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