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  1. Long-Term Implication of the Increasing Dependence on Constant and Immediate Interconnectedness    



    Discuss The Long-Term Implication of the Increasing Dependence on Constant and Immediate Interconnectedness  


Subject Technology Pages 2 Style APA


Consumer of Technology and their Behavior

 Communication and technology have had rapid changes over the centuries. Consumers need to gain knowledge to tackle their daily livelihood. Culturally, people are subject to continuous changes in technology (Fulk, 2017). The technical revolution has affected the culture of the consumer. Arguably, this demonstrates that as technology diversity has influenced the Cultural Revolution.

Culture facilitates the feeling of bonding as the people interact with other cultures (Yang, 2012). People tend to adapt faster to changes as they interact with others. In this case, the knowledge shared tends to change the person’s way of living. Technology has its downside to the population. They include the disconnection of the society to the real world in search of connection on the internet (Fulk, 2017).

 You can observe that people tend to focus on their phones in the modern world, as they search for social connections. It is common for people to send text messages and voice calls instead of an actual internet age meeting (Fulk, 2017). Social disconnection is a crucial issue concerned with the change in communication and technology (Yang, 2012). It has, therefore, affected personal connections since there are fewer social interactions. The traditional communication source has been adversely affected due to the reduction of oral communication (Fulk, 2017). It is problematic since people tend to depend on machines rather than work on social relationships.

In conclusion, technology innovation has brought both positive and negative implications for the consumer. Social connections are generally affected since people tend to rely on technology a necessity. In this case, the consumer becomes vulnerable to isolation since they are concentrated on other internet connectivity.



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