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  1. Manufacturing and Service Process Maps    


    A foundation of operations in both manufacturing and service environments is vital in order to drive inefficiencies and examine ways to achieve greater supply chain integration with suppliers and customers. In this assignment, you will compare one manufacturing and one service driven company through creating visual representations of how the product or service is created and delivered, accompanied by a written summary.

    Select two companies of interest, one manufacturing company (e.g., a shoe company) and one service company (e.g., a technical support company). Provide a brief summary of each company including compelling evidence illustrating the company is either a manufacturing or a service company. Avoid selecting a company that could be arguably both.


    Research the manufacturing process for the selected company. Create a manufacturing process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the manufacturing company using flow charts and be sure to provide a key. Cite three to five sources to support your process map.


    Research the service process for the selected company. Create a service process map. Explain the elements of infrastructure for the service company using flow charts and be sure to provide a key. Cite three to five sources to support your process map.


    Provide a 500-750-word summary describing the differences and similarities between manufacturing and service environments. For each company, identify if customer-introduced variability is available. If not, how would you implement flexibility for customer-introduced variability? How will a deep understanding of both manufacturing and service environments help you in your future or current career? Provide an example.


Subject Business Pages 5 Style APA


Service Industry

Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is a Middle East airline which began both international and domestic flights in 1985. Beginning with only two aircrafts, the airlines currently has 239 planes that flying in approximately 140 destinations worldwide (Emirates, 2016).  The airline is mainly owed by the government and provides both cargo and flight services. The services provided by the Airline are passage services that consumers access via defined stages.

Emirates Airline Service Process







Figure 1. Emirates Airline Service Process

The check-in stage is where the client presents himself or herself at the airport for approval or verification. This can also happen online where passengers are allowed to verify their particulars through the company’s website. During check-in, passengers’ identities are registered through validating their documents, for example, visas, tickets as well as other immigration documents which might be essential. The baggage registration stage, however, involves security checks of a passenger’s luggage after which it is labeled for identification purposes. After the security checks and baggage registrations, the passengers are permitted to board the airplane to their destination. The last stage is check-out before passengers are allowed to pick their luggage.

Manufacturing Industry

Dollfus-Mieg and Company

Dollfus-Mieg and Company (DMC) is a textile manufacturing firm which develops crotchet and embroidery threads and other textile-derived commodities such as tapestry yarns and knitting. The company began its operations in 1746 in Mulhouse, France (DMC, 2016). It manufactures its products from cotton. The process of manufacturing process begins by acquisition of raw material, cotton, which then undergoes various processing stages.

Thread Manufacturing Process







Figure 2. Thread manufacturing process

The first stage, ginning, is involves feeding the harvested cotton balls into a cotton gin to separate the cotton fiber from leaves, stems, and seeds. The cotton is then beat up to loosen it and remove vegetables substances. It is fed through more rollers so that it can come in the form of a soft fleecy sheet referred to as a lap, which undergoes scotching (cleaning of cotton with the aim of removing the remaining stems and seeds. The cotton then undergoes carding, which involves separation of fibers to form loose strands which join into silvers. The slivers subsequently undergo drawing to join together forming slubbings (thicker strands), which are twisted, thinned, and wound into bobbins. The bobbins then undergo gassing to form yarn which can be wounded into desired threads.

Differences and Similarities

One of the similarities between the two manufacturing and service environments is that they are both consumer-oriented. They design their products or services to be more appealing to their clients. The industries offer their products or services for profitability as they would not want to make loses. The companies also aim at ensuring customer satisfaction through introducing a variety of services or products. DMC, for examples, ensures product differentiation through producing different products, including knitting and tapestry thread, which are offered at different prices. Emirates airline also employs differentiation by availing different traveling classes, including economic and business class. The difference between the service and manufacturing is that manufacturing industry requires raw materials while service industry does not need raw materials. The products, for example, offered by DMC are tangible while the services provided by the Emirates airline are intangible. Similarly, the products offered by the manufacturing industry can be standardized while the services offered by the service industry cannot be standardized.



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