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  1. Marijuana and Mental Health    


    What is your state’s regulation on marijuana use? (I live in FLORIDA) Is it illegal across the board or is it legal for medical and/or recreational use? What are the prescribing regulations for nurse practitioners (if any)?NP CAN”T PRESCRIBE MARIJUANA IN FL. ONLY DOCS WITH SPECIAL CERTIFICATIONS
    Do you agree with the viewpoint of “marijuana is not a drug?” DEPENDS ON ITS USES. Would your answer be different with a 16-year-old versus a 34-year-old client? Why?
    If you have a patient with a marijuana addiction, what local resources can you refer them to? LOCAL TO TAMPA, FL AREA I.E. REHABS,
    Are there any supplements or prescription medications that may be useful for marijuana addiction?


Subject Drug Abuse Pages 3 Style APA


Marijuana and Mental Health

The debate of marijuana legalization over its medicinal benefits has been ongoing not only in the United States but also in other countries such as Philippines. While several states in the United States have active medical marijuana use and others allow it for recreational use, the federal government classifies it as a schedule I controlled substance which considers it not only illegal but also limit its medical studies into potential benefits (Brown et al., 2020).  This discussion, therefore, focuses on use of marijuana in Florida and describes when it should be considered a drug. It also looks at the treatment options available of marijuana addiction.

In Florida, marijuana is illegal for recreational use but recommended for medicinal use and only allowed to be handled by licensed physician in some instances.  It is important to note that possession of 20 gram of marijuana or less is considered by the state a misdemeanor which is punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of $1000. In 2014, the Florida Legislature passed the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act which allowed seriously ill patients with epilepsy or cancer to use low THC cannabis (Howell et al., 2019).  In 2015, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the Florida Right to Try Act which allowed physicians to provide patients who are seriously ill experimental medicines or medicine that are not approved by the Food and Drug administration (FDA). Therefore, in Florida, marijuana is recommended for medicinal use and not for recreational use.  Since the use of medicinal marijuana is allowed in Florida, not all physicians can prescribe it.  According to Moody et al (2019), the physician must hold an ‘unrestricted’ medical license, take a two-hour training course, and pass a state examination. On the same note, for the procedure to continue patient must have a qualifying medical condition.

Personally, I would not agree that marijuana is not a drug. Based on several studies, it has been proved that marijuana has got medicinal value, especially when used individuals who are critically ill and suffering from specific diseases such as cancer. According to Howell et al. (2019), its recreational use has been banned as a result of addiction; however, when used for medical aspects, I consider it a drug.  However, my answer would be different with a 16-year-old versus 34-year old individual.  For a 16-year-old person, I would let him or her know that marijuana has no medicinal value hence should not be consumed. On the other hand, for a 34 year old, I would let him or her know the medical aspect of marijuana.

Florida has got several rehabilitation centers hence when I have a patient with marijuana addiction, I would take him or her to one of them. My local rehabilitation centre Tampa Metro Treatment Center.  The facility deals with several kinds of mental l illnesses and has effective medical facilities for a verity of conditions (Moody et al., 2019).  It is important to note that behavioral therapies are the major interventions that have been used to manage marijuana addiction. However, there are certain drugs that have been proved to reduce addiction of marijuana. An example is Anxiolytic- Buspirone which shares some of the properties of the benzodiazepines and the neuroleptics. Another one is Atomoxetine which is a Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor.




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