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  1. Marketing survey    


    In this survey, people from all demographics are encouraged to participate, however it is aimed at a premium market with household income around $60k/year, Aged 25 – 65, mostly men since men buy more Cars compared to women at a 5 :1 ratio.
    Based on these requirements the best area will be New York city. Here we will be able to hit all the test market key points. We might also focus on women as well due to the product being catered towards families with children of all ages. The primary purpose of this survey, is to gage the consumers views on what they think about this product idea and if it appeals to them or not. Ford products are known for their moderate-priced products in the auto industries today. So for example, assuming this vehicle will be cost friendly, how likely would would it be for them to purchase this product. Or how effective do they think this vehicle will be on the road. This survey will help gauge people’s opinions and behaviors which will help make important decisions about this product.


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Key Comments

One of the prominent comments was on the simplicity of the survey questions. While some felt that the questions were simple and could be easily understood by the respondents, others were not as confident about the prospects of the questions getting understood easily due to what they perceived as a lack of simplicity and clarity of the questions. Most comments encouraged me to make my survey questions clearer. The other comment was on the ambiguity of the questions used. Some comments stressed on the need to ensure that all my questions in the survey were free of ambiguous aspects and that all the questions were clear for all to understand. Questions that left respondents at a loss on what is exactly meant would negatively impact on the survey (Brosnan et al 2019). The length of the survey also drew a number of reactions. Some felt that my survey would have been better off with a few more questions so that the conclusions would be ones that represented a more comprehensive picture.

Modifications based on Comments

The first modification is in line with the comment on simplicity. This entailed remodelling the survey questions to suit the demand of being simple and easy to understand. This also was in line with considering how many questions ought to be open-minded and whether others were not to be. The second modification was on ambiguity. The phrasing and language of the questions was reviewed to make sure that the questions only asked that which they intended to ask with the least possibility for confusion. Finally, the modification on survey length was considered, and a few more questions added to suit the full need of the survey.


How Modifications will improve Survey

The increased simplicity of survey will make the survey questions easier to understand and improve the possibility that respondents will be enthusiastic about participating in the survey (Borchert et al. 2017). Furthermore, with increased clarity and less ambiguity, the possibility that the survey will provide reliable and valid information is increased. Eliminating ambiguous questions would improve the quality of the research. Finally, the length of the survey has a big impact in defining the scope of the survey and broadening the ground from which conclusions would be made.

Peer Feedback and Comments

One of the comments that stuck out from the feedback in peers’ survey was on ambiguity. This was similar to the comments I did receive in my own survey. The important thing about this aspect of the surveys is that the elimination of ambiguity leaves the survey free of confusion and the possibility of having the wrong data collected. The questions have to be phrased and structured in such a way that the respondents are not at a loss on what to say and which answers to give. Eliminating ambiguity improves the quality of the survey. The other comment was on being selective with open-ended questions. The manner in which open-ended questions may leave the respondents at a loss means that they must only be sparingly used for very specific purposes (Omarali et al. 2017). Structuring them has to be very specific and with regard to the particular information being sought.



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Brosnan, K., Babakhani, N., & Dolnicar, S. (2019). “I know what you’re going to ask me” Why respondents don’t read survey questions. International Journal of Market Research, 61(4), 366-379.

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