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    First, watch the video of Burberry’s history; Then Watch the two videos below about chavs and how they appropriated Burberry’s iconic check: “the chaves” and “burberry and the chaves”. Then Watch the video how Burberry revitalized/repositioned the brand away from chav association:” repositioning burberry”
    now Assuming you are the brand manager for Louis Vuitton, write a memo to the CEO based on this case. In your memo:

    a) note one key learning you gained from watching the Burberry video case and

    b) offer one recommendation to the CEO to adopt for Luis Vuitton based on that learning


Subject Functional Writing Pages 2 Style APA



To: The CEO

From: Name, Brand Manager

Date: June 28, 2019

Subject: Branding

The storyline of our brand among all our customers is an asset that we must preserve. This memo presents lessons learnt about branding and brand name and recommendations of what I think we should adopt.

Having watched some documentaries of branding, brand endorsement, and brand collaboration, I have come to appreciate the need to critically analyze and forecast market behavior when it comes to branding. We all appreciate that our business is fully based on the fame of our brand and brand name. How people in the market relate with a brand is what sustains brand loyalty, or degrades the same. Brand name is built on a whole package of brand profiles which include brand quality, brand market segmentation, brand market niche, and brand endorsement. For effectiveness of brand endorsement, a business must be very critical about who is used in the endorsement. Fashion can be casual, official, business class, sport outfit or street performance regalia. It is important to have the right person endorsing a brand. Having casual or street performance wearer endorsing official outfit does not achieve the intended purpose.

I, therefore, recommend that we must very discriminate with regards to who we collaborate with to endorse our brand for the sake of being relevant to the targeted market. Our products are customized to appease the taste of different customers. We need to diagnose our market’s need and choose the right brand endorsement strategy that will not raise question like it raised on the collaboration between Burberry and the Chav. If we must collaborate with other entities for our brand endorsement, we must let out targeted market identify with the endorsers so that they can resonate with the endorsement. To do this, we must identify the right people for the various classes of products we stock and supply to the market. We must create a great and authentic story of our brands for all our markets.







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