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  2. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SPORTS, CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2016/2017 ACADEMIC YEAR Applications are invited from suitably qualified scholars to pursue studies at Masters and Undergraduate levels in Chinese Universities for 2016/2017 Academic Year. Fields Masters Level 1. Agriculture 02 2. Software Engineering 03 3. Medical Laboratory Technology 03 4. Computer Forensics 03 Undergraduate Level 1. Agriculture 02 Eligibility: 1. Undergraduate applicants must have a minimum of 2 principal passes at ‘C’ level in relevant subjects and must have obtained their results not more than two years ago. 2. Masters candidates should hold at least an Upper Second Class Honours degree in the relevant field. 3. Masters applicants must have at least two years or more working experience in the relevant field. 4. Applicants must not be more than 25 years of age for Undergraduates and not more than 35 years of age for Masters. Students currently at Public Universities on Government sponsorship or any other scholarship need not apply. Procedure of Application Application letter with a recent passport photograph, indicating age, sex, course, home district, telephone contact, email address together with photocopies of academic certificates and transcripts should be addressed to: The Secretary Central Scholarships Committee Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports Higher Education Department And hand delivered to: Communication and Information Management Unit 2nd Floor, Embassy House To reach not later than Friday 4th March 2016. The shortlist will be displayed on the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports Notice Boards at Embassy House and Legacy Towers 3rd Floor on Friday 11th March 2016



Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Application essay for Computer Forensics MSc and Software Engineering MSc in China


My name is John Doe and I am applying for the degrees of Msc in Computer Forensics and Msc in Software Engineering. I completed my undergraduate degree in computer science four years ago and have been working as a computer scientist for the last four years. I am applying for these two degrees in order to advance my basic skills acquired through my undergraduate degree, which covered many areas related to computers. I would like to apply for the Msc in Computer Forensic in order to pursue a career as a forensic investigator pursuing crimes committed through the use of computers (NCS, 2016). The MSc in Computer forensics would allow me to acquire the skills necessary to investigate most types of computer crimes and find the perpetrators of such crimes. My qualifications in computer forensics would allow me to become one of the best investigators of crimes committed through computers.

My future work roles in computer forensics

The Msc in Computer Forensics would equip me with the right skills to ensure that I can discover and investigate fully any crimes committed through the use of computers. This degree would allow me to work with companies that provide computer security to corporations as well as individuals in order to ensure the security of the services provided by such firms. The degree would also allow me to pursue hackers who prey on people with weak security to access information illegally through computers. As a computer forensics expert, it would be my responsibility to ensure that the computer security firm and its clients do not fall victim to hacking attempts by people with malicious intent. Hackers usually have malicious intent for access the information that they access illegally about people and they use such information to commit computer crimes such as identity theft. As a computer forensics expert it would be my duty to ensure that all computers under my purview are well protected and that they cannot be easily hacked by malicious hackers. I could also work within the cybercrime division in law enforcement agencies to fight off computer criminals and investigate computer crimes. This would allow me to intercept and capture individuals involved in cyber crimes in order to put an end to incidences of computer crimes. I would also have to ensure that public computer systems are kept secure from attacks by hackers by beefing up the computer security systems for such public agencies.

Msc in Software Engineering

The graduate degree in Software Engineering would equip me with the right skills to develop software products from the beginning up to the end of the software development cycle. This would ensure that I can develop unique software programs for use within the computer industry as well as mobile applications that can be used in conjunction with computer systems. The MSc in Software Engineering would allow me to develop software products that meet the needs of my clients in the rapidly changing information technology industry. I could work as a freelancer in the industry developing stand-alone applications for individual clients or I could work with a software company and work as part of a team in developing large scale software products for institutional clients. The Msc in Software Engineering would build upon the skills acquired through my undergraduate degree in computer science where I learnt a little about software engineering. The skills acquired through completion of the Msc in Software Engineering would allow me to head software engineering teams in the development of custom software products that can be used either by corporations or by individuals.

Future career prospects in software engineering

My future career prospects in software engineering would start as a junior developer within the first year of the completion of my software engineering degree, and thereafter, I would rose through the ranks and become a team leader. My role as a team leader would be to lead a team of software developers through the entire software development cycle up to the end of the cycle where the team creates a fully functional software program. Initially, I would be responsible for the implementation of a small portion of the software development cycle, but would likely rise through the ranks to a position where I am responsible for the entire software project as a team leader. As a software engineer, I would be responsible for the development and maintenance of different software products, some large scale projects would require the development of enterprise-wide software, while other smaller projects might require the creation of stand-alone software systems. The complexity of the projects that I work on shall continue rising as I handle different types of projects and gain the necessary experience needed to handle extremely complex projects. The Msc in Software Engineering would equip me with some expertise in handling computer security software projects, but not to the level that the Msc in Computer Forensics would. This would allow me to collaborate with computer forensics experts in designing computer security software.




National Careers Service. 2016. Forensic Computer Analyst. Retrieved from https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/advice/planning/jobprofiles/Pages/forensiccomputeranalyst.aspx






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