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  1. Mission, Vision and Values Analysis  



    After reading the attached document, analyze the following:

    What do Spotify’s vision, mission and values tell you about what is important to the company?
    (Notes: Keep in mind with the main stakeholders: consumers, artists, music label, employees)



Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Spotify Mission and Value Statement Analysis

The mission, vision, and core values of an organization speak volumes about what is important to its operations. Spotify is a leading brand when it comes to matters appertaining to digital streaming. Its mission, vision, and values express what is important to the company concerning its consumers, artists, music label, and employees.

The mission emphasizes Spotify’s music label. It also emphasizes the importance of artists to the company. The mission statement partly states that Spotify intends to give “a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art” (Mission Statement Academy, 2019). The company regards the artists as being important to its brand thus it provides them with the opportunity to reach out to a wider fan-base. The mission statement also reveals that consumers are important to the company’s business since it provides that billions of fans have the opportunity of being inspired by the creativity of the artists.

Similarly, the vision statement reveals the importance of consumers and artists to the business. It stipulates that the company envisions creating a cultural platform that ensures that creators are not limited by the constraints of their mediums. It also shows that the company wishes to make fans feel appreciated. Moreover, the statement also shows that the company appreciates the contributions people make within the company. It, therefore, impliedly indicates that employees are important to the organization.

On the other hand, the core values emphasize the importance of the values of sincerity and respect to the company. Spotify also promotes a culture of germane playfulness within its settings, and this shows that the company values its employees.

Spotify’s mission, vision, and core values express what is important to the company. They particularly show the extent to which the consumers, artists, music labels, and employees are important to the company.





Mission Statement Academy. (July 12, 2019). “Spotify Mission and Value Statement Analysis.”

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