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Graduate-level student learning will involve more of a focus on “diving in deeper” to the content. Written and oral presentation on the field of study experience, in combination with independent research and course content, will be essential elements of your graduate studies.

To have an experience isn’t enough to establish learning – you need to intentionally and thoughtfully reflect upon the experience, considering what you learned from it in order to take something away from it!

After completing the assigned readings, and your independent research, you will be tasked with putting together a 15-20 pg. PowerPoint presentation for your team lead discussing the importance of a security operations center. You are a new employee that just left your job and was hired by a smaller cloud service provider. You have some experience, as you were the team lead of the security operation center at your previous employer.

Start with the following questions in your PowerPoint presentation:

Pros of having a centralized facility for continuous monitoring of network performance and security controls?
Who would be allowed access? How would you control access?
What types of tools would provide reports to the security operations center?
Discuss broadly how continuous monitoring would be handled in the security operations center.
Discuss broadly how incident management would be handled as well.

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