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  1. Movie review: Technology impact our lives    




    There have been a few really good movies that have predicted the future in terms of how technology will impact our lives. The two that come to mind are Minority Report (Tom Cruise), Surrogates (Bruce Willis).
    For each movie, provide a one-page synopsis of how some part of the movie is being used in real life today or in the near-future.



Subject Literature Pages 4 Style APA


Movie Review on Future Technology

“Minority Report” by Tom Cruise

Minority report is a sci-fi movie based on the future of technology. The policing unit in Washington use the technology to map-out criminals. The movie is directed by Steven Spiel who believes that there is a possibility of determining future crime before its execution (Oak, 2016). In this case, the police department uses precogs to identify potential crime in the Pre-crime prototype system (Oak, 2016). This system assesses the perpetrator’s past criminal records to identify potential crimes. The perpetrators are then imprisoned in a benevolent visual reality. In Minority Report, the Precogs are specialized mutated humans who pre-visualize crime by procuring fragmented visions of the future (Oak, 2016). Minority Report’s main character, Anderson, finds himself at the receiving end of the law as the system he advocated for identified him as a potential criminal. Anderson, therefore, flees to find evidence that will exonerate him from the crime which he has not yet committed. Anderson, therefore, seeks to get advice from Dr. Iris, the creator of the controversial system. Dr. Iris reveals that one of the Precog sometime provides different vision of the potential criminal activity (Oak, 2016).

Minority report reveals that technology is vital in the future. The movie demonstrates technological advancement of the future. Some aspects of the technology have already been obtained while others are still in the development stages (Oak, 2016). For instance, Anderson opts for an eye surgery so that the system cannot access his information and identity his location (Oak, 2016). In this case, retina surgeries are practical in the modern word. Retina scanning is used by eye doctor to improve their patients vision. The removal of the whole eye is not practical in the real-world.

We can also see the development of automated vehicles in the modern world. The company utilizes lens, radar, and cameras to effectively manage the movement of an automatic vehicle. The tools are used to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which is used in the navigation of the car. The technology is also receiving global attention and some countries such as France, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom has legalized the use of automatic cars on specialized roads (Oak, 2016). This allow companies such as Tesla to realize it’s vision of creating the automated cars.

“Surrogates” by Bruce Willis

 Director Mostow of the Surrogate movie believes that there is a possibility for people to live with machines in the real-world. Tom Greer, the main character of the movie, sets off on a mission to investigate the murder of Jared. The movie demonstrate that the technology was build to enable the people to get virtual assistance. Surrogate technology is used by people to experience life relaxation in the safety of their homes (Ivanchikova, 2016). Dr. Canter, the inventor of the surrogate assistant, suggests that the main purpose of the machine was to help people with disabilities to experience a personalized life. Canter reveals that the technology is used to empower the disabled; however, it is used by everybody (Ivanchikova, 2016).

Surrogate human technology demonstrates it potential to produce a positive impact on society. In this case, the society can employ virtual labor at the comfort of their home (Ivanchikova, 2016). This kind of technology is crucial since the army does not need to deploy human troops in battlefield. This technology is also used by the society to experience telepresence. Telepresence is defined as action in the distance (Ivanchikova, 2016). In this way, the technology can help the person get access to service virtually. In this sense, surrogates can be remotely controlled to enable the operator to visualize and navigate areas virtually. This technology is used by the United State army in the real world. The surrogate machine uses a joystick to access and effectively identify suspected improvised explosive device (IED) devices. The technology also presents the opportunity for the health profession to effectively offer critical surgeries (Ivanchikova, 2016). In the modern world, this technology helps in replacing human limbs. The limb use titanium, blood and flesh to simulate real arms and legs (Ivanchikova, 2016).





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Oak, E. (2016). A minority report for social work? The Predictive Risk Model (PRM) and the Tuituia Assessment Framework in addressing the needs of New Zealand’s vulnerable children. The British Journal of Social Work46(5), 1208-1223.



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