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    What is change control and why does it need to be managed? Give two examples of the impact of mismanagement.
    Why does a network require constant monitoring to determine the percentage of its capacity being used? Explain the potential results of not monitoring capacity usage.
    Define bandwidth. Why does a company need standards regarding who can expand the network or add applications that require heavy bandwidth to operate?


Subject Technology Pages 3 Style APA



The increased adoption of technology in organizations and industry means that many firms rely on information technology (IT) systems in carrying out their daily operations. Consequently, any level of interruption to these IT systems could affect productions and normal operations significantly. Therefore, it is ideal to maintain the workflow of IT systems at all times. Notably, avoiding disruptions requires the adoption of appropriate standards and procedures.

Change Control

Change control refers to the systematic approach used to manage all changes made on a system or product. According to Burke (2017), change control is a standard practice in organizations especially relating to IT. Notably, change control needs to be managed as a means of ensuring that undesired changes are not made. Moreover, management of change control is vital in ensuring that only documented changes are made to prevent any disruption to standard services. Lastly, change control needs to be managed to ensure that only appropriate resources are used in the change process (Hornstein, 2015). Primarily, mismanaged of change control could lead to disruption of regular operations at an organization and cause resource wastage due to misuse.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring geared towards determining the capacity in use is vital for various reasons. Primarily, it helps the network administrator to know if the system is operating optimally or not and make corrective measures to achieve the highest possible operational capacity (Degioanni et al., 2015). Moreover, variations in standard operating capacity of a network will indicate that there might be slow or failing systems. Therefore, information gained through monitoring can be used to correct the mistakes in advance and save excess costs that could have been incurred later. Primarily, if a network system is not monitored, there could be disruption in standard services due to lack of early troubleshooting (Lv et al., 2018). Moreover, lack of monitoring might inhibit change as the system administrator might fail to detect if a system has reached its limit and a new and better one is required.


Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transmitted within a fixed amount of time. Primarily, it is measured in bits per second or multiple of bits. Primarily, an organization requires standards regarding its bandwidth expansion to avoid disruption (Chang, Zhang, & Borrelli, 2015). In this regard, standards are equipment specific. Therefore, if equipment for a different standard is used to add or expand an existing bandwidth of a different standard, it may lead to a network failure.




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