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    You might have noticed that the second Who Is list had several “everyday” or non-traditional leaders. Non-traditional leaders are people who are not in positional leadership (at least not when they start) but have in some way influenced the lives of others (small or big scale). What stands out to you about these kinds of leaders? Do you see yourself as an “everyday leader”?




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Nontraditional Leaders

Leadership is an everyday activity today since someone needs to be available to help maintain order in society. Severally, traditional or elected leaders are not available at all points to show the way forward, leaving out the responsibility to nontraditional or everyday leaders. Through Scott Beardsley, Abdul-Alim describes nontraditional leadership in academic setup as the leaders who do not follow the primary tenure to become college presidents. The case is not much different with leaders in the business setup where there are unrecognized leaders who work passionately towards realizing the mission, vision and behave according to the organization’s culture, but they go unseen because they do no match the unstated definition of a leader.

What stands out to me about traditional leaders is their hard work and resilience as they embark on their duties. Abdul-Alim says that most everyday leaders tend to do well in their jobs and stay at the same place for long compared to the traditional leaders. Nontraditional leaders are pushed by passion, and they voluntarily offer to lead as they like to reach the peak and see the success of their hard work. The nontraditional leaders have seen that most organizations achieve their mission and vision by going out of their way to ensure that work is done and tasks are completed on time in the absence of an official leader who cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Being an everyday leader in itself is a gift and ability that only a few people could have. Abdul-Alim says that out of all the leaders, only one-third are nontraditional leaders. With the leadership skills I possess now, I intend to be one of the renowned nontraditional leaders who get the job done with no supervision. Getting the job done with passion and resilience is a virtue I have mastered; hence I see myself as an everyday leader.



Abdul-Alim, Jamaal. “UVA Dean Explores Meaning of Nontraditional Leadership.” Diverse, 2017, https://diverseeducation.com/article/101429/.






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