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  1. Nurse leadership  in a healthcare setting




    As a nursing leader in a healthcare setting, you have been asked to develop a training program “Business Plan Development” for the nursing leaders in an organization. Outline an eight-week course, including topics that you would have in each week. When developing your training plan, be sure that for each topic listed in the program, you address the following:

    A rationale for including the topic in the training program
    Learning and behavioral objectives of the topic in terms of the learning need and the behavior changes for each manager
    A method of evaluating a nursing leader’s progress during the course and his or her behavior change over time


Subject Administration Pages 3 Style APA


Business Plan

Week 1: Introduction

                Introducing the topic of business plan development is important since it will educate the nursing leaders about the important of the concept (Jazayeri & Park, 2019).


The focus is to promote learning about the benefits of using the tool in nursing and to ensure that each manager values the use of this tool.

Progress Evaluation

A Q&A session will be used as a means of evaluating the nurses’ progress at the end of each topic to gauge their learning.

Week 2: Writing the Executive Summary

                Teaching the nurses about how to complete the executing summary is important since it provides them with knowledge about how to provide a summary of the fundamental elements of the plan.

Learning Objective: To master how to provide a summary of the key points in a business plan.

Behavioral Objective: To enhance individual ability to summarize primary points without going further into details.

Week 3: Establishing the business concept

                Education on the business concept informs the learners about how to document background information so that they can understand the clinical need significance and the proposed solution (Jazayeri & Park, 2019).


Learning Objective: To understand how to include clinical need significance in the plan

Behavioral Objective: To document and implement in practice the great things the specialized practice does to assist the patients.

Week 4: Conducting a market analysis

                Educating the leaders about market analysis promotes their understanding about features defining the customers.


 To educate the nurse leaders about how to complete a SWOT analysis to understand the market and to change how they interact with the patients for a better patient outcome.

Week 5: Completing a business Strategy

                Understanding how to complete a business strategy is important since it outlines the need for a proposed change. The objective is to inform the learners that a projected cost can be related with change and to change how they relate revenue with change.

Week 6: Business plan implementation

                Educating the nurses about the importance of business plan implementation is necessary since it documents how the plan actions can be put to use to benefit the health sector. Evidently, implementation is necessary to ensure to ensure that the vision of the nursing leaders become a reality (Kanerva, Kivinen & Lammintakanen, 2017).


                The objective is to educate the nurse leaders about how the business plan can be put to use to generate profits and to change how the nurses draft their contingency plans for a successful outcome.

Week 7: Achieving a proposed project Investment

                The final lesson of the plan will involve educating the nursing leaders about the benefits of the proposed project investment and how this is achieved by effective business planning. The rationale for educating the nurse leaders on how to achieve the proposed project investment includes the fact that understanding how to properly establish a business plan is effective in deriving positive results in the health care sector.


 The objective of this lesson is to educate the nurse leaders about how to accurately achieve a proposed project investment through proper business planning. In addition, this lesson seeks to encourage the nurse leaders to change their perception about how they plan their business activities to derive profitability from their nursing efforts.

Week 8: Recap

                Week 8 of study will involve proving a recap of the fundamental lessons taught during the 8-weeks. This is to ensure that the nurse leaders have effectively mastered how to create an effective business plan for their health care organizations.


To ensure that the nurse leaders are well conversant with the steps of effectively creation of a business plan. Moreover, this lesson seeks to ensure that the nurses change their attitude regarding the use of business plans to meet the needs of the stakeholders in the healthcare field.



Jazayeri, A. & Park, K. (2019). How to Write an Effective Business Plan in Medicine. Gastroenterology. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1053/j.gastro.2019.03.003

Kanerva, A., Kivinen, T., & Lammintakanen, J. (2017). Collaborating with nurse leaders to develop patient safety practices. Leadership in Health Services, 30(3), 249-262.




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