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    Discuss a formal role where a nurse is in a position of leadership. Outline the essential responsibilities of that role and the educational preparation required. Explain what leadership traits, styles, or qualities are required to be successful in this role and why.



Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Nurse Leadership

            An example of a formal role where a nurse is in a position of leadership is when advocating for the profession. There are various factor which affect a nurse’s productivity. A nurse leader may take on the role of an advocate when he or she expresses such needs to policy makers or even the board of the organization. This is a formal role since the other nurse will often depend on the leader for guidance on how to act.

            The essential responsibilities include identifying factors that are impacting the nurse practitioners both within the workplace and outside, gather nurse insights into the matter, before sharing the findings with the relevant team. Nurses have to work by promoting patient-centeredness. Unfortunately, this leads many nurses to give up their own comfortable that would further encourage better service provisions. Hence, the nurse leader should be confident enough to clearly articulate what these needs are and which recommendations should be considered. Thus, proper communication is also essential if at all the concerns are to be communicated effectively.

            Given the role of an advocate for nurses, the nurse leader needs to be good at guidance. He or she will guide the community of nurses on how best to act and respond to interventions. Effective communication is also an important since the information will need to be communicated to the relevant authorities. Change management is also an important leadership trait, as the advocate will help others to adapt to any new policies. Lastly, the advocate must have a commitment to any educational and professional developments.

            In conclusion, the nurse leader may also be an advocate for the needs of other nurses in the organization. It is an important role that ensures the need of nurses are acknowledged and addressed. Hence, with the right leadership skills, the nurse will be able to communicate the needs as required, and even help other nurses to adapt to any changes.



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