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    Research three OSCM software packages from different companies. For each package, write 250-500 words explaining the capabilities and limitations of that package. Additionally, include a short introduction paragraph and conclusion with your overall impressions and recommendations for OSCM software.

    Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.



Subject Business Pages 4 Style APA


Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Software Comparison

             Supply chain helps connect the necessary processes between producers and consumers. However, to ensure effective supply chain, companies embrace supply chain management software or tools that enable them to reduce and control costs, reduce risks, enhance customer service and communication and assist project and make precise decisions. The various features of supply chain management software can enable firms to plan based on demand, improve forecast and trends and deal with issues that are likely to influence the customer before they occur. Intuitively, when comparing supply chain management software, it is prudent for a person to describe the requirements and features. Principally, E2Open is the most engaging and intuitive Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Software that fulfils the fundamental capabilities and needs of companies as compared to other software packages including SAP SCM and Oracle cloud SCM.


            E2Open refers to a cloud based package that plays a critical role in managing the supply chain. The specialty of this software is in technological industry in which it offers business to business assistance. E2Open software entails a combination of eight main technological companies including LG electronics, IBM, Nortel, Matsushita, Hitachi, Solectron, Toshiba and Seagate (Hahn & Packowski, 2015).  Its major capability encompasses the capacity to incorporate and advance with business processes. This enables the data and processes to be current and therefore work more effectively and efficiently. Another capability of this software package entails data monitoring therefore making it easy for companies to make decision accurately and more effectively thereby minimizing the error margin while updating data. Moreover, the real time aspect of E2Open software suit enables stakeholders to monitor the collaborations of everyone within the company, thereby making companies to become more transparent and stakeholders to make accurate and educated decisions based on patterns of failures and successes. Essentially, all these capabilities lead to a responsive supply chain that responds to demand effectively.

            Although there are myriads of capabilities of E2Open, the software suite has several disadvantages as well. One of the limitations encompasses the time the software takes to reconcile. In this software suite, the data reconciles at a relatively lower rate even in real time and consequently may result in actions based on obsolete data. The next limitation of this software package is that the technological environment and supporting tools are not updated (Haulder, Kumar, & Shiwakoti, 2019). This implies that while the software is very useful, it hardly works to its full potential.


             SAP supply chain management refers to software that enables a company to manage its whole network in real time. It is a subscription based pricing model that differs from each category of users. The software has various demand management functionality. A major important capability of this software encompasses combining forecasts, sales, financial plans and inventory targets, as well as, supply chains. Moreover, it is able to provide integrated and streamlined transportation management process; better storage and inventory management processes, collaboration, as well as automated and digitized source to link the process for every category spend (Wang, Yan, Hollister, & Xing, 2009). Another capability of SAP supply chain software entails the facilitation of the organization, management of daily supply chain processes to accelerate and optimize the supply chain processes of the company. Reportedly, it is possible to achieve the optimization due to SAP’s incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As maintained by Haulder, Kumar and Shiwakoti (2019), this provides room for more forecasting, dealing with changes in demand and disseminating information to relevant stakeholders. Nonetheless, its major disadvantage is that it is huge making consumers to fear using it. Secondly, its cost ownership is a critical issue to consumers, as well as, the duration it takes to implement a project.

Oracle SCM

             Oracle cloud SCM package entails extensive software that comprises of various modules that is used for controlling all the steps involved in the product development processes, managing the whole procure to pay cycle, processing modules to control processes together with the warehouse management and transportation management. This software package is also able to forecast and plan. Further, its key capabilities include its several tools for automating quick implementation. It is capable of generating digital documentation when producing documents. Similarly, its configuration migration features offer the necessary migration of setups in various areas (Hahn & Packowski, 2015). As opposed to other SCM software suits, the software can support almost all languages. However, some of the disadvantages include its inability to work perfectly with some technological environments, as well as, external communications. The software is also considered immature because it has various features that are yet developed.

            In conclusion, based on the Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Software packages discussed above, I believe that E2Open is the  most engaging and intuitive software that fulfils their fundamental capabilities, needs, and cheap in nature. The software can incorporate and advance with business processes, making data and processes to be current. As opposed to other OSCM software packages, the real time aspect of E2Open makes it possible for stakeholders to monitor the collaborations within the organizations making such firms to become more transparent, accurate in every decision they make. Principally, going forward with E2Open software suite is likely to offer extra benefits over time and enhance a supply chain. It would also work as a perfect way of exploring, enabling companies to achieve additional OSCM software with several features that fulfil the requirements of the company as they increase their scales of operations.


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