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History, it seems, is always in the news. From the specific and ongoing historical legacies of colonialism through to global movements around Black Lives Matter or climate change, attitudes to the present or future in Australia often draw upon analysis and understanding of the past. In this exercise you are invited to identify a current historical debate or controversy and write an accessible opinion piece that intervenes in a debate to underscore the value of history and historical thinking. Aimed at a public audience (along the lines of The Conversation https://theconversation.com/au ) and using an evidence-based approach, you should summarise a current issue, assess and critique alternative viewpoints, and provide an argument for policy or attitudinal change. Examples of controversies, given below, which you should pick one only to pose as a question,:
• Should colonial statues and memorials in Australia be removed?
• Should “Australia Day” be a national holiday?
• Should the Union Jack be on the Australian flag?
• Does the Australian War Memorial glorify war or honour the dead?
• Should the Australian Constitution recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

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