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  1. Origins of the Cold War/the Marshall Plan   


    Explain:  Origins of the Cold War/the Marshall Plan   

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Cold War and the Marshall Plan


Question One: The Beginning of the Cold War

Although the world celebrated the end of the Second World War, there was a lot that needed to be done for the United States to regain its political and economic powers, which led to a deadly, less bloody, but more extended war called the ‘Cold War,’ as nations fought for economic sovereignty. The cold war is an era defined after the end of the Second World War where the ancient great powers declined and led to the emergence of two new superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States. Their conflicts of interest multiplied as fear and anxiety reigned among nations because they feared the conflict might lead to the start of the third world war. The war led to global political tension that lasted for about six years, from 1947 to 1953. This war also led to localized armed forces that concentrated most in the US and USSR.

The existence of these two forces led to the creation of a bipolar world. Since the US and the Soviet Union became competitors after the Second World War, their differences were not open but led to surveillance and political rebellion. However, Japan and Western Europe were rebuilt through the Marshall plan while the soviet party dominated Eastern Europe. Under the control of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe rejected the Marshal plan. Therefore, Europe was divided into two blocs; the US’s western bloc and the eastern bloc led by the soviets.

As a result of the war, the Allies formed a new global international cooperation and diplomacy body called the United Nations. The United Nations members decided to ban offensive wars to evade a third world war. The devastated significant powers of Western Europe established the European Steel Group and later became the European ordinary Market. This initiative started mainly due to economic cooperation, unification, and a shared market of essential natural resources to prevent another war between Germany and France. The climax of the cold war reached when the Soviet Union attempted to Berlin. The blockage’s main aim was to limit the United States, France and Great Britain from defeating Nazi Germany.

Question Two: The Marshall Plan

At the end of the Second World War, several people were killed while others were wounded, crippling nations on the western continents. Countries like England, Germany, and France, including the economy of other countries, had been destroyed by the Cold War. They had low agricultural output, which led to nationwide rationing of the available agricultural product. People had to face food shortage in the winter that they later called ‘hunger winter.’ European nations had enormous debts, which were expected to solve the economic challenges and problems, was denied by the United States government because it felt like the proposed solutions were not effective.

Consequently, people were in an indecisive state. Some Americans wanted to remain in isolation because they had no reason to be committed to Europe. The economic crisis made western countries prefer communism as it was the only survival technique.  However, the United States was unwilling to commit in any way as its main aim was to gain prestige over other nations globally. Therefore, eliminating communalism ideas through the Marshall plan was an effective way to be a superpower. The Marshall Plan was to help the Western European nations largely on the per capita basis, with a substantial amount directed to West Germany, Great Britain and France, countries with industrial powers    

The Marshall plan was spearheaded by George Marshall, who was by that time the secretary of state. He was nominated into office by Harry Truman in 1947.  Harry Truman believed that George was bold enough to plan an excellent negotiation of peace. Under George Marshall’s help, the President launched the Truman doctrine that promised to support European countries to practice sovereignty and resist communalism.   The urgency to stop communism was based on its impact on political stability and Americas economic status. Americans believed that the European Union would bring political instability. The states that depended so much on America’s help were facing risk of their economy being ruined. Therefore, the United States and Europe united together with the Russians to fight Hitler and the Germans. However, the United States believed that western Europe could not develop and reconstruct rapidly, marking the end of communalism. Americans believed that it was destined to rule because it was not affected during the Second World War. The United States was free from destruction; the American economy was in a better state, making it the most prosperous nation globally with the ability to assist the recovery of Europe and its allies.

America believed that the Marshall plan would help restore Europe’s economic status. The plan was only practical to countries that were against communism. Through the Marshall plan, European nations were assured of re-emergence of industrialization and extensive investment. The plan also stimulated the US economy as it established market for American goods. The American markets were created since goods were shipped across the Atlantic regions but under American merchant vessels. The plan was the most recognized and successful program which aided economic recovery in western countries.


















Appendix A:

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