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  1. Partner Collaboration Barriers    



    • What barrier(s) could impact the success of your funding partnership?
    • How will you work to overcome the barrier(s)?
    • Provide an explanation of the importance of building a relationship between funder and grantee. Describe key elements of this relationship, providing a rationale for your thinking.
    • Describe why the grant funder/RFP’s criteria are important and how they can influence the outcomes of the funding process.
    • Address both a Memorandum of Understanding and Letters of Agreement that would be necessary.


Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA



            Lack of open and honest communication is a possible barrier that can negatively impact the success of the funding partnership. Louisiana Housing Corporation has, for a long while, been offering several solutions to people experiencing homelessness. As such, their knowledge skill and experience may tempt them to sideline UNITY organization during decision making. Compassion Capital Fund National Resource Center (2010) believes that for open and honest communication, all parties should understand the nature of the relationship and how decisions will be made. This is a great approach I would employ to overcome this barrier.

            Gitlin & Lyons (2014) explain that individuals join groups because of the perceived benefits they may receive. Funder- grantee relationship is no different. The two come together to achieve certain benefits. How can the two work together efficiently and achieve their shared goals if they have a rocky relationship? As such, their relationship should be built on humility (as there is an apparent power imbalance between those with resources and those in need of them), honesty (clear communication and transparency helps to establish clear boundaries) and empathy (funders and grantees should strive to understand each other).

             Grant funder criteria help to determine whether a project’s objectives are in line with the funder’s objectives. What methods and approaches does a grantee use in achieving the mentioned objectives? Does the project fit within the funder’s priority? As writing a grant proposal is a cumbersome task, the criteria helps to ensure those seeking funds only write proposals to prospective funders whose objectives are in line with their project. Depending on the funder, grant funder criteria may result in full or partial funding for a project. It may also result in a funder withdrawing their funding if the grantee deviates from the originally agreed upon criteria.

            A Memorandum of Understanding solidifies the funder-grantee relationship (Harris, 2007). For this funding partnership, circumstances for the use of funds, expected deadlines and the status reports will be included in the Memorandum of Understanding. These are necessary to ensure seamless working conditions and the full attainment of objectives. 


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