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Pathways to Safer Opioid Use Simulation and Reflection

Write a 1- to 2-page reflection paper describing the process you went through and the results you got based on the decisions you made as James. This paper must be written in APA format, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins.
Reflection Points Range: 48 (64.00%) – 60 (80.00%)
Presents a thorough and insightful reflection of significant concepts and/or theories observed/experienced throughout the simulation. Draws insightful and comprehensive conclusions and solutions.
Mechanics Points Range: 9 (12.00%) – 11.25 (15.00%)

Pathways to Safer Opioid Use: James Parker







Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


James Parker is a victim of an accident. Following the introductory section, James Parker was a fulltime father to his children, a part-time mechanic, cop, coach, and a caring husband to the wife before the accident. However, things took a wrong turn after the crash because his whole life changed drastically. As he laments, he does not feel man enough anymore since he is less productive and unable to work, move around, hang out nor sleep peacefully. He is undergoing so much pain and depression as he lost touch with friends and cannot partake duties or do things that make him happy. He, therefore, feels that by using opioid drugs, he will be able to evade the consistent pains. However, as is well known, the use of drugs to kill depression pains has adverse side effects on the human body.

By assuming the role of James Parker-a patient living with chronic pains and depression-, it is essential to understand that he feels hopeless. In the initial strategic activity, I will form an opinion that restricts the patient from taking over-the-counter opioid drugs because there are safer remedies to pain and depression which will not affect a patient’s health status. Overusing opioid drugs works like properly established double-edged swords. In as much as it is advantageous at analgesia, it is the basis of an assortment of detrimental side effects on the human body including respiratory infection and depression, itchiness and constipation issues. Ultimately, the slowed breathing rate causes death especially when opioids have overdosed.

Healthcare professionals have a role in taking up strategies to implement a multi-modal approach to pain care. I would seek a proper healthcare institution which works by prioritizing the needs of its patients and have active communications culture like the shared decision and teach back, where patients interact directly with providers in pain management to limit adverse drug events. The Pathways to Safer Opioid Use is considerably an interactive and immersive tool that was designed to employ opioid-related recommendations as highlighted in the National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention (ADE Action Plan). It will be easier for me, the patient, to pick a quick recovery program because the pieces of training and services offered by such institutions uphold an appropriate, safe and effective use of opioids for chronic pain management. Pathways to Safer Opioid Use is the most reliable strategy because it takes a comprehensive assessment of safe opioid use in pain management by offering the four full character modules entailing a pharmacist, physician, nurse and the patient living with chronic pain.

The lives of victims of chronic pain are intricately woven together in a brief preview film referred to as “spine.” Here, users are exposed to worst-case scenarios which play out and are after that challenged to go back in time and make more informed and better choices for each of the characters. Pathways provide a two hours live video with branching virtual experiences. Among the user experiences include a wide range of interactive resource library, uniquely catered towards the needs of every character. It provides a better overview of alternative uses of opioid drugs as a strategy towards reducing chronic pain, without necessarily causing much damage to the body. The whole process was a challenge to me because I learned better strategies of managing pain without necessarily causing harm to my body through overdose. I’m hopeful that the condition will improve.




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