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    Directions: A company wants to create a new performance appraisal process for its employees. In a two to three page paper that is APA formatted, discuss how you would execute this directive. Include:

    1. How you would select a performance appraisal form.
    2. An example of the instrument or form you have selected, showing the rating or ranking scale.
    3. What plan you would use to communicate to your employees.
    4. How you would train your managers or evaluators on this new form.
    5. How you would evaluate the effectiveness of this form to your organization.
    6. How you would apply the guidelines for effective performance management and appraisal methods.
    7. How you could incorporate career development opportunities in the performance appraisal.

    1.    Paper identifies the selection of a performance appraisal form.
    2.    Paper gives an example of the instrument or form selected, showing the rating or ranking scale.
    3.    Paper identifies the plan used to communicate to your employees.
    4.    Paper details how managers or evaluators would be trained on this new form.



Subject Administration Pages 3 Style APA


In selecting the best performance appraisal form for the organization, consideration of accuracy is essential. I would first establish the number of employees working in the organization. The goals and objectives of the organization would also be taken into consideration. Since accuracy is required in this case, an appraisal form that looks into the character traits and attributes of employees is a must. Character traits and attributes determine the success of an employee. A management performance software can be established, whereby the employers or managers have a softcopy of columns of different attributes that determine the success of employees. The managers then analyze the behaviors of the employees while filling in the columns under each employee’s name. After the evaluation and analysis of employees’ attributes, final performance appraisals for each employee will be created. The appraisals will be used by managers to interview each employee. Feedback will be received from the employees after which the managers will decide whether to increase the salaries of employees or give them bonuses as a form of compensation (Russell & Bernardin, 2013).

    An example of a management performance software is BambooHR, a software that is rated 4.35/5. BambooHR is a software that is currently being used by many organizations. The software gives employers the opportunity to know the total employee turnover in any given day.  The software comes in different languages, meaning that companies in non-English speaking nations can also use it. Important data regarding employees in a company can be easily tracked down and stored. The main drawback of BambooHR is the fact that it is more effective for organizations with 50 or less than 50 employees.

    The best way to communicate to employees about the new performance appraisal form is through online platforms. Making direct phone calls to them would also be effective. Forwarding emails to all the employees would be easier and more effective. The management performance software would provide accounts for all employees to log in and know their progress. Using emails would provide the best platform to accomplish the sharing of login details and links.

   Information Technology experts that are familiar with management performance software will be used in this case. Training programs will be created whereby the managers will be attending lessons that are taught by the IT experts on a daily basis until they all become professionals.

     Evaluation will be done on an annual basis whereby changes that have taken place in the company after the incorporation of the new form will be looked into. If an increase in employee turnover and outputs is established, then the form will be maintained. If the employees continue or start performing poorly, then the form will be abandoned (Noe et al., 2010).

    Some of the guidelines for effective performance of the appraisal include increasing the levels of comfort among the employees, providing motivation and the best working conditions for employees to exercise their skills and talents effectively. To apply the guidelines, managers should provide feedbacks on time and focus on achieving the set goals and objectives of the company, failure to which they will face punishment or penalties.

    In the established performance appraisal form, career development opportunities can be incorporated. Opportunities for growth among the employees can be created by assuring the employees of promotions if they perform as expected. The talents of the employees will also be looked into to give workers the opportunity to work in areas of interest.


Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B. and Wright, P. (2010). Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage. New York: McGraw Hill.

Russell, J., & Bernardin, J. (2013). Human Resources Management: An Experiential Approach (6th Ed). New York: McGraw Hill.


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