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Personal Global Strategy Implementation Article




Exercise: It is now the year 2020, the world has changed and so have the challenges of conducting business globally. As a leader in today’s global marketplace, create your own newspaper article defining how you have reached this prestigious position.


Requirements: It must be one page article. Professor gave us the choice. You can choose whether to use the form I sent you (ppt file) or just write 1 page essay covering same questions as in the form in MS Word (leave little space in upper right corner I could put my small photo).


If you choose the form I sent you, then you should fill the gaps and put there as much info as possible. You should then continue writing up to the very end of this page even if the lines finished and you can also make less space between lines to write more there.


It must be 10 or 11 size type Times New Roman 1 spaced!!!


Objective of Assignment (one page):


Ø Help you apply lessons of Leadership and Change in your own company and advance your career


Ø Think of ways to help regain US and corporate competitiveness


Ø Set personal goals to deal with globalization


Ø Ideas: (Pick one not all)


– Improve your company’s global mindset


– Develop global leaders


– Help restore our country’s competitiveness?


If you choose an essay ;it must be 10 or 11 type not more as you usually post 12 size, and 1 spaced also


writer can choose whether to filgaps in l 1 page form professor gave or write 1 page essay yourself






Subject Article Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Title:  Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Education:       MBA marketing option, Degree certificate in

 in management and Business administration.             

Previous Positions: Financial  Director, Chief accountant, internal

Auditor and accountant

Global Role Models/Mentors: Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

How globalization has changed in the past five years. In the last five years globalization has brought  about growth in multi-national corporations in the global market and which have also brought in the challenges of environmental protection and the need for fair and competitive trade. The large corporations are manufacturing products in bulk .Oil exploration and drilling, mining  and other extractive industries are threatening the global environment hence regulation of international trade has been necessitated by these actions. The volume of international trade has also tripled.

Challenges on the path to becoming a Global Leader: Communication barriers in some parts of the world because of different dialects and languages. Has hindered my efforts to venture in other parts of the world like china that has one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. The path to global leadership is full of discrimination , hardship, personal sacrifice and utmost commitment and loyalty to the company. Call of duty demands attention 

Contributing elements to your success in a globalized world (e.g. languages, travel, international projects, etc.): Experience in handling financial systems and control procedures. Hard work and academic achievement, a lot of sacrifice and dedication to my work has played a significant role in my success in the international business.

Global strategy that you influenced or implemented: introduction and Implementation of balanced scorecards in management of multi-national company that was in receivership and floating it back to profitability.  The accurate evaluation of the feedback systems and key performance indicators that make up the core competence of the company using BSC in the verification processes to plan and also to supervise the compliance and the feedback information systems.  BSC is a strategy that revitalizes change and profitability in most business if implemented correctly and supervised effectively.

How you successfully implemented it:  The balanced score card was applied on a set of performance targets that formed the basis of the company’s business operations. The financial evaluation perspectives were analyzed and compared with the general industry performance and later to the company’s major competitors. The BSC concentrated on cost reduction and optimal performance  and  expansion prospects.









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