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  1. Personal Selling



    What effective Personal Selling did “Gordan” use to sell the G Series Pro?    

    Watch the provided video on youtube :
    Marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and publicity that enhance consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness.
    • Goal is speeding the sales process and increasing sales volume.
    • Produce best results when combined with other marketing activities, such as advertising.
    • Cannot overcome poor brand images, product deficiencies, or poor training for salespeople. \
    What effective Personal Selling did “Gordan” use to sell the G Series Pro?


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Effective Personal Selling used by Gordan to Sell the G Series Pro

Personal selling occurs when a business uses people to sell a product after having a face to face meeting with the customers. The sales person promotes the product using their attitude, appearance, and even some background knowledge on the product. The main aim is to inform the customer of the product benefits before encouraging them to buy, or at least try out the product.

            In the video, Dwyane Wade poses as one of the store attendants under the alias “Gordan.” First, he is given some kind of quick training on the different types of products available (Garmatha, n.d). This is a reason why the promotion was effective since Gordan already had sufficient information on the products that he had to sell to the customers.  A reason why personal selling may fail is that the sales person may have insufficient knowledge to answer any questions, or even describe the product to customers (Hamdan et al., 2020). Fortunately, in the video, we see Gordan offering a series of benefits for the product line, by choosing the best options for each customer depending on their goals (Garmatha, n.d).

            Second, Gordan mentions specific interesting examples of which individuals and activities the products would be suitable for. He even mentions basketball and “Dwyane Wade” to try and catch the attention of the customers (Garmatha, n.d). This gets them excited to listen more and even want to try out the product. Gordan uses his influence on the customers by offering them free samples, and making the process more interesting (Hamdan et al., 2020). He engages them in mind games, as well as physical activities in return for a free product.

            At the end, Gordan reveals his true identity which is quite a surprise to everyone. Basically, all these customers will link the G Series Pro product to Dwyane Wade and many will want to purchase it. Those who have experienced the sale will end up spreading the word to their friends and families, thereby encouraging more sales.


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Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. https://doi.org/10.2991/assehr.k.200225.055



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