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    Personal statement


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    Interested in pursuing a career in international human rights law and currently applying to the Birkbeck University of London.


    i studied human rights law at the undergraduate level and want to increase my knowledge in that field to be able.


Subject Law and governance Pages 2 Style APA


Personal Statement

Proud of being the smartest child in our family as many people would put it, I enjoyed rigorous thinking that was presented by mathematics and statistics in my high school. However, my thinking towards such subjects were annulled not only because of my interest but by the nature of the current world. In atmosphere full of human suffering and conflict, there is a need for individuals to stand firm and support the rights of people who have no voice in the society. Millions of individuals lack fundamental rights to liberty, life, and security which are set as Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  According to me, no significant means to effect change other than using law. Particularly, human rights law affects régime policymaking and offers a foundation for equality and freedom. As such, other than building my career, my major objective is to talk for the voiceless, and that can only be done after getting the knowledge required for such purpose.

Other than living my dream career, the decision to apply for this course is also determined by my previous studies. As one of the best performer in {insert school} who graduated in {insert year}, I successfully completed a course in human right laws at undergraduate level. This prior educational experience puts me a head of other applicants since I have a grasp of what international human rights law pertains. While in {insert school}, I managed to associate with many professors who have participated in critical decision making with big organizations such the United Nations. Their pieces of advice and influences have deepened my decision to continue my studies in this particular field. On the same note, my undergraduate research on topics such as Srebrenica massacre and Rwanda genocide has strengthened my opinion that human right is unchallengeable and worth fighting for.

In order to achieve my long-term dream and complete my career, it is important for me not only to choose a school on a global map, but one that also possesses a good reputation. Birkbeck University of London, not only deserve the aforementioned qualities but is also recommended as one the schools where general teaching policy is to certify that, as far as it is feasible, it is very applicable in real life situation. This can be demonstrated by following determined individuals who have undergone training in this school. By considering several aspects, Birkbeck University of London stands to be one of the greatest universities to pursue a law career.

Personally, I have strong beliefs that law is a fundamental tool to an effective functioning of a society. It can change the whole humanity by solidifying the philosophies of people in the form of laws against particular acts. My major interests, according to my experiences lies behind the protection of human rights, and this can only be achieved if am given an opportunity to continue my studies in this endearing university. In this generation, I am a witness to the conclusion of the long held philosophies that all individuals are equal. It is with this logic of global comradeship and hopefulness that I seek to practice International Human Rights Law in your school.


Thank you very much for considering my submission to continue my study in this university.



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