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COMM 1340

Persuasive Letter Assignment – 15%

DUE: Wednesday, August 9 in my mailbox W307 by 2.30 pm


Your Scenario:

You are the Front Office Manager for the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.  The General Manager, Paul Michaels, has informed you that The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, a company that has brought a conference to your hotel every summer for 10 years, has recently informed him of some bad news.  They are looking at other hotels as options for their conference location for this summer; they have noted that the room prices of your property have been steadily increasing each year, and they have to be careful with their budget.  As you can imagine, it will cost your company a lot of money if the Foundation chooses to hold their event at another property.


Paul has asked you to write the Regional Manager of The Heart and Stroke Foundation a personalized letter to attempt to persuade him to reconsider and to continue to do business with the Four Seasons.


You need to figure out what to put in the letter as far as the detail is concerned; Paul just wants to keep their business and is concerned with maintaining a good relationship.



Your Task:

Write a formal letter using block format and the Persuasive Writing Strategy, as discussed in class, to the Regional Manager of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The letter must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, following the recommended content and organization of persuasive strategy and using the principles of business writing we have discussed in the course. 


You need to develop the details for the name and address information.


Please consider the following for the content/writing strategy:

  • A – How will you get their attention in the opening of the letter without sounding forceful or fake?
  • I – How will you build their interest to keep reading? How will you appeal to their logic and emotion?  Why should they take an interest in your request? 
  • D – How will you build their desire to stay with Four Seasons? What benefits exist for them?  Answer any potential questions they could have to avoid resistance.  Why should they want to stay with you?
  • A – How will you motivate the reader to action without sounding pushy or aggressive?


Marking Scheme


Attention = 5

Interest = 5

Desire = 5

Action = 4

Style = 8

Total = /30



Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Persuasive Letter

Alice Williams,

Front Office Manager,

The Four Seasons Hotel,

M4B 1B4,


7th July, 2017.


Regional Manager,

The Heart and Stroke Foundation,

NL7 0G9,



Dear Sir/madam,



Following the notice given to our hotel General Manager, Paul Michael’s, I humbly present this piece of writing to wholly apologise for all inconveniences caused and failure of our stakeholders to comply to your expectations. We have partnered with your company for quite a long period of time and we will be highly impacted if by any chance you consider relocating to other hotels for holding summer conferences alongside other luxurious moves.


There has been a steady annual increase in our room charge rates, the main reason to this was need to improve standards as it was considered crucial by our stakeholders. However, we have learnt that this should not be done at the cost of our customers and instead extracted from the hotel earnings.


We promise to subside our highly accelerated accommodation prices and ensure that is does not strain your fixed budget in regard to the same. Our hotel will also provide bonus to your company since you have been our main customers for a considerable period of time and equip the hotel with high ethical standards so that it does not cause inconveniences to our customers.


Our support staff have been equipped with adequate training in relation to hotel management skills and you have therefore been guaranteed sufficient and highly standardized service for enhancing customer care.

We are highly optimistic that our apology will be accepted and our kind request put into consideration by giving us a positive feedback on the same.


Kind regards,

Front Office Manager,

Alice Williams.



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