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Discussion Board Post

Select 2 of the areas where your scores were low, after completing the self care questionnaire, from the results you were sent in the email you received with your results. These areas include;
1) Physical self care

2) Supportive relationships

3) Mindful self awareness

4) Self compassion and purpose

5) Mindful relaxation

6) Supportive structures

Summarize points from two professional references, one from two different areas where you scored low. The references are listed in the feedback you receive in the email after completing the questionnaire.

  1. Develop a personal plan for how you will implement the self care strategies discussed in the article. Include how you plan to incorporate the strategies once you are a practicing nurse.
  2. Importance to nursing. In your post, include at least 2 points about why you think that the topics you chose are important to nursing. Points should be thoughtful and organized and include the role of the nurse.

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