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    Which policy recommendation presented by Lim (2005) do you think is most critical? Why? (see section III. Policy Options in an Increasingly Borderless World). Ensure your discussion: 1) Includes the policy recommendation; 2) A description to put the quote in context (how this policy is related to the essay; why is Liam making this recommendation?)—AT LEAST 50 words; and 3) Why the policy recommendation is most important (include why at least one other recommendation is not as important). – AT LEAST 150 words.



Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Policy Recommendation

            This policy recommendation essay is based on a reflection of Liam (2005) article which puts forwards various policies within the context of globalization. Liam (2005) discusses the role of the state in a growingly borderless world. The most critical policy recommendation discussed in this essay is environmental policy. The environment needs to be protected and conserved so as to promote sustainable development since the sum total of the ecological capacity of the earth and the large global ecosystem is limited and exhaustible in nature (Liam, 2005).

            The most critical policy recommendation is the environmental policy since the environment and related negative outcomes of human-environment interaction such as climate change, pollution, and global warming is borderless. This policy is related to the focus of this essay with the centre of focus being protection of the larger global ecosystem and sustainable development (Liam, 2005). The author has put also forward environmental policy as the most critical globalization policy since the environment seems to have been overshadowed or masked by other policies such as feminist policy, citizenship and nationalistic policy, education policy, protectionism policy, and/or welfare policies. Liam (2005) purposely brought the policy after all other recommendations so as to have a long-lasting effect on the readers mind and memory.

Nature is exhaustible as opposed to common belief that nature is inexhaustible. As such nature and the environment should be protected through promotion of ecologically sustainable development projects. Environmental policy is tightly associated with sustainable development policy. Human development in areas such as politics, economy, spirituality, religion, and/or social is connected to the environment in some way (Liam, 2005). Sustainable development policy needs to be balanced with environmental policy to facilitate realization of economic progress and promote implementation of environmental protection measures (Liam, 2005). Sustainable human development should be characterized by positive interaction between human activities and the environment to ensure that there is a safe operating space for humanity on earth. Sustainable social-ecological systems ensure that all earth habitats access and use natural capital in an economical and sociological beneficial manner (Tang et al., 2018). Strategies such as stakeholder decision making process can be used to facilitate realization of nature conservation, a balanced agricultural production system, and livelihood needs (Oosten, Uzamukunda, & Runhaar, 2018). The goal is to promote achievement of sustainability in terms of the relationship between human activity and the environment.

Citizenship and nationalistic policy recommendation is considered unimportant since it can lead to conflicts between two or more personal identities of ethnicity and religiosity. Besides, feminism policy recommendation is not important given the potential negative outcomes such as break of families, corrosion of traditional values, way of life and/or culture and dissolution of traditional functions of different members of a family. All nation-states, international collaborations, and international organizations have a responsibility and obligation to protect and conserve the environment in such as a way that it can promote achievement of sustainability (Liam, 2005).

In conclusion, the environment should always come in the forefront of the global agenda. Environmental degradation in one part of the globe or nation-state can have dire effects elsewhere. Sustainable development policy better aligns with environmental policy since it promotes sustainable use of the environment. Nature is borderless per se and all nation-states and other entities such as international organizations have a responsibility and obligation in protecting it. 



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