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Should L.A. District Attorney George Gascon be more aggressive about prosecuting crimes committed in Los Angeles County?
Should Governor Newsom’s new state water plan be implemented?
Should the U.S. military defend Taiwan from attack by China?
Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to create a “balanced budget” amendment?
Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to impose term limits on members of Congress?
Should the term of the U.S. Presidency be changed to one six-year term?
Should all firearms be registered with the federal government?
Should the U.S. Government continue building the wall on the border with Mexico?
Should pornography be outlawed on the internet?
Should all millionaires pay an additional 10% federal tax on top of their existing federal tax bill each year?
Should a draft of all 18-year-olds be instituted to recruit military personnel to fight in the War on Terror or other wars in the future?
Should Social Security be privatized?
Should the electoral college be replaced with a direct election for the President by the people?
Should benefits in federal welfare programs be reduced, limited or eliminated?
Should the federal income tax be abolished and be replaced with a national sales tax with a constitutionally mandated rate limit?
Should all illegal immigrants in the United States be granted amnesty and be provided with residence status and a green card?
Should the Governor of California begin executions of prisoners on Death

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