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    positive effect in public, organization and country


Subject Administration Pages 4 Style APA



Personality-based analysis of Donald Trump characterizes him as an autocrat/authoritarian leader. Trump personality can be described as ambitious, exploitative, outgoing, controlling, impulsive, and adventurous in nature (Immelman 2017). This paper highlights the positive effect of autocratic leadership style to the public, organization and the country.

Positive Effect of Autocratic Leadership

The Public

The public views an autocratic leader as a self-assured individual, competitive, bold, and easy to assume leadership roles and responsibilities. Trump’s active-positive presidential character and doubles nature can mobilize the public towards the achievement of a given goal; thus, he can engage, arouse, exude confidence, and direct the public (Immelman 2017; Mohiudinn 2017). Autocratic leaders are generally not liked at the start but are appreciated and approved when desired results are realized. Authoritarian leaders takes enormous pressure unto themselves, full-responsibility and accountability but the public remains relatively stress-free (Giltinane 2013).

The Organization

            Autocratic leaders flouts traditions, act impulsively (at times), and do not like to follow routine but creative and innovative in an attempt to avoid routine and traditions. Consequently, creativity and innovativeness increases organization effectiveness, competiveness and relevance in the marketplace (Immelman 2017). An authoritarian influences personal control and unilateral decision-making process in an organization. Threat and pressure can succeed in influencing achievement of desired results in the short term. Results include increased employee productivity and organizational turnover (Kariuki & Wachira 2017; Mohiudinn 2017).

            An autocratic leader is confident in performing essential administrative roles and obligations and influences rapid adoption of leader’s initiatives (Mohiudinn 2017). Besides, they are visionary and motivate employees to fit into the organizational bigger picture. The performance structure is well set and clear for all and that deserving employees are rewarded. Subordinates are at liberty to take calculated risks, experiment and be innovative (Esowe et al. 2017).

The Country

            As a dominant leader, Trump seem to enjoy the power to direct others, evokes respect and obedience. The unsentimental nature and toughness makes an autocratic leader an effective leader. The extraverted, high-dominance, and the power of influence associated with Trump’s autocratic leadership styles increases his impact and effectiveness in effectiveness in foreign policy orientation (Immelman 2017). Autocratic leaders stress loyalty and obedience to the rules and law (Giltinane 2013). They are extremely effective in leading a country to a desired goal (Amanchukwu, Stanley & Ololube 2015).  


            Trump’s personality can be described as ambitious, exploitative, outgoing, controlling, impulsive, and adventurous; hence, he is an autocratic leader. Autocratic leaders are also referred to as authoritarian leaders. The autocratic leaders influence significant positive effect to the public, organization and the country.




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